Comprehensive Overview of Zendesk pricing plans



Comprehensive Overview of Zendesk pricing plans

Comprehensive Overview of Zendesk pricing plans


Admina Team

Aug 10, 2023

What is Zendesk?

In this article, we delve deep into the topic of the Zendesk suite enterprise pricing plans, providing an extensive overview for businesses evaluating customer service software options. From discussing the basic features to comparing various packages, we guide you towards making an informed decision best suited for your business needs. Whether you are a small start-up or a multinational corporation, understanding the different Zendesk pricing plans can help maximize your customer service efforts without breaking the bank. Stay with us to navigate the nitty-gritty of Zendesk's pricing models, potential additional costs, and the value each plan can bring to your organization.

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Renowned for their cloud-based customer service, Zendesk aims to streamline business-to-consumer interactions across multiple communication channels using a wide range of channels such as email, phone, chat, social media platforms, and self-service solutions. Despite their reputation and a bevy of tools designed to optimize customer support operations, Zendesk’s complex and costly pricing structure might not render a sufficient return on your investment.

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Businesses availing Zendesk will grapple with a hefty expenditure owing to their premium pricing plans which necessitate paid add-ons for fundamental features, in addition to an already steep base price. Moreover, despite allocating resources to develop a knowledge base, support channels and enhance customer interaction, many businesses have failed to fully realize their objectives through Zendesk’s offerings.

As we entered 2023, Zendesk remains burdened with a cumbersome and dated user interface, leaning heavily on marketplace and custom applications that necessitate additional costs while rendering an overall subpar experience. Zendesk pitches robust customer support and a customized plan for every business, yet a basic feature like a knowledge base can cost up to a staggering $34 per agent. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to thoroughly probe into Zendesk’s offerings and their accompanying costs to ascertain its suitability for their specific requirements.

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How much does Zendesk cost?

Zendesk provides a comprehensive array of scalable pricing structures, crafted to accommodate businesses of various magnitudes. The basic Support Suite package commences at $55 per agent each month, on an annual billing cycle. However, for those businesses requiring more comprehensive support, the Professional and Enterprise levels of zendesk are available at respective pricing of $89 or $115 per agent monthly.

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To further ensure suitability, the Zendesk team also offers standalone products, including Support, Guide, Talk, and Chat.

Moreover, for businesses seeking enhanced flexibility, Zendesk facilitates the Suite Team Plan. This flexible plan begins at $55 per agent each month.

To recap, Zendesk's diverse offerings are designed to be adaptable to your unique business necessities. Whether it is the Zendesk Suite, Sales and Support, or the different pricing plans like Team, Growth, and Zendesk suite Professional, businesses are guaranteed to find a plan that harmoniously aligns with their goals. A point to note, however, is that the final cost is contingent on the chosen service and can differ based on the unique prerequisites of your business.

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Zendesk Suite for everyone - It has four plans

Zendesk Suite, the comprehensive customer service platform, recently updated its offerings to include three distinct and adaptable subscription plans – Professional, Enterprise, Growth and Suite Team. Each plan is cleverly designed to fulfill the varying needs of businesses of all sizes, offering different levels of feature accessibility email support.

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Starting at $55 per agent per month, the Suite Team subscription focuses on meeting the distinct needs of individual teams, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses or departments seeking to optimize their customer service.

A step up, the Suite Growth plan launches at $89 per agent per month, offers additional features and utilities that meet the growing needs of medium-sized businesses ensuring they offer stellar customer service.

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Meanwhile, the Suite Professional plan at $115 per agent per month is particularly fitting for larger organizations that require comprehensive tools and advanced solutions for their customer service departments.

Their Enterprise offerings consist of two unique plans. Starting at $150 per agent per month, the Suite Enterprise package is designed to cater to the needs of large-scale businesses. They also provide an Elite Enterprise plan, which offers additional advanced, enterprise-ready solutions at $215 per agent per month.

Zendesk Suite's approach of tailored subscription plans allows businesses to choose a customer service software package that best fits their needs and promotes an exceptional customer service experience. The choice is yours with the Zendesk Suite plans, providing the perfect synergy of flexibility, adaptability, and quality customer service.

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Zendesk for Sales - It has three plans

Zendesk for Sales is a versatile CRM platform meticulously designed for businesses to magnify their sales efficiency. Uniquely tailored, this platform accommodates three plan options: Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. Each of these options is priced differently, offering financial flexibility to enterprises of varied sizes, thereby transforming Zendesk for Sales into an adjustable solution for ameliorating customer relationships and stimulating sales performance.

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The Professional plan is a perfect fit for small-sized teams, packed with fundamental sales tools. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan caters to larger teams requiring a higher degree of customization phone support and automation. Finally, the Elite plan stands as the premium offer, equipped with an array of features. Dedicated support teams, enhanced security protocols pertinent to extensive businesses are a part of this package.

Specifically, the "Zendesk Sell Team" is priced at $19 per user/month (billed annually). The "Zendesk Sell Growth" can be acquired at a rate of $55 per user/month (billed annually). The "Zendesk Sell Professional" plan costs $115 per user/month (billed annually).

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As for Zendesk's support-oriented plans, three tiers are proposed: Support Team, priced at $19 per agent/month (billed annually), and Support Professional and Support Enterprise, both costing $55 and $115 per agent/month respectively (billed annually).

Why Zendesk eventually costs you more

While some Zendesk products may initially seem to offer cost-effective solutions, a closer look reveals the potential for ongoing expenses that may have detrimental impressions on small businesses. Zendesk's base subscription fees are merely the tip of the financial iceberg. As your company expands and your customer service needs become more complicated, you may find yourself having to upgrade to higher pricing levels, multiplying costs.

Add-ons that are necessary for seamless functionality, such as multiple ticketing systems, forms or customized features, often require additional purchases. However, their availability varies by plan. For instance, you cannot access these add-ons while on the Essential plan, compelling you to opt for a higher-tiered Professional plan.

Zendesk's support level differs per plan as well. Lesser plans only receive limited support, making it more challenging to swiftly respond to customer inquiries, particularly during the peak ecommerce hours of 8 pm to 9 pm. Given that these are outside the standard working hours, it's unlikely that you can single-handedly manage customer support requests and service around the clock, increasing the need for hiring additional personnel—a cost that can escalate rapidly under Zendesk's pay-per-agent model.

Moreover, customization demands coding knowledge, potentially leading to added IT costs. Potential data privacy issues with third-party integrations might also result in extra charges. Consequently, considering these sundry costs, Zendesk's pricing model emerges as notably expensive in the long run, posing a potential strain on small businesses. It's crucial then to weigh these hidden costs alongside the advantages that Zendesk suite pricing also offers before deciding.

Zendesk Product Comparison

Selecting the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in today’s highly competitive digital sphere is no trivial undertaking. When considering notable options, Zendesk and Agile CRM stand out. Both offer comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solutions that stand up to the demands of businesses of all sizes. Agile CRM is cloud-based, offering an array of features that include contact and project management, appointment scheduling, telephony, social CRM, and an appealing landing page builder. Notably, their price point is more accessible, starting at a modest $8.99.

However, Zendesk edges out its competition through its specially designed suite of products tailored to enhance and streamline customer service operations. Offerings range from the Support Suite that allows seamless multi-channel communication, to Zendesk Chat that facilitates real-time customer engagement. Zendesk Talk focuses on voice communication, while Zendesk users Guide is a knowledge base for customer self-service. For sales teams, Zendesk's Sell centralizes workflows for efficient tracking and management of customer interactions.

Each product brings unique functionality, underscoring Zendesk's commitment to enhancing customer service experience. Based on organizational requirements and resources, businesses can opt for individual products or a combination for a more encompassing solution. Notably, Zendesk outperforms Agile CRM regarding ease-of-use and functionality, gaining popularity and better than customer satisfaction ratings. The broader range of advantageous features makes it a formidable contender in the CRM arena.


In conclusion, choosing a Zendesk pricing plan should involve an understanding of the features each package offers and aligning them with your business needs. Being aware of potential additional costs ensures there are no surprise expenses, allowing for efficient budget planning. Regardless of the size of your business, this comprehensive overview is designed to guide you through the nuances of Zendesk pricing. By making an informed choice, you can not only provide excellent customer service but also optimize your spending, deriving the maximum value out of your chosen zendesk suite professional plan.

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