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Loom pricing plans

Loom pricing plans


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What is Loom? Basic video recording features

In the following article, we delve into the various pricing plans offered by Loom, a popular video messaging tool utilized by businesses and educators worldwide. By giving detailed insights into each tier of their pricing plans, we aim to enable you to seamlessly understand and select the structure best suited for your needs and budget. Whether you're a student, a small business owner, or a large enterprise, this comprehensive guide offers an in-depth analysis of the costs, benefits, and features of each Loom pricing plan.

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Loom serves as a multifunctional video recording software, honed to streamline communication for commercial, educational, or personal contexts. It allows users to produce video content either by using a webcam or screen with full video recording capabilities, with flexibility in the chosen recording scope. This expansive capability allows tailored documentation, from comprehensive overviews to focused recordings of select screen areas.

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video's interactive nature and viewer engagement. As a cloud-based platform, it provides a streamlined sharing process, supporting disseminations via email or social media platforms, and video password thereby making accessibility a convenience.

What sets Loom apart are its optimal video and audio settings, producing high-definition presentations. The clarity and quality offered through this platform make it a viable replacement for conventional communication mechanisms, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Its video messaging feature adds to the ease of use and versatility, allowing content to be instantly shareable. Simultaneous recording from your camera, microphone, and desktop not only adds layers to the communicative process but makes the outputs immediately accessible through Loom's proprietary technology.

For businesses seeking scalable options, Loom offers an array of pricing plans. Its Starter package, for instance, provides basic video recording features, including up to 25 videos per member and unlimited videos with a recording length of up to 5 minutes. Various subscriptions can accommodate a range of requirements, meaning Loom has the bespoke solution for your communication needs.

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How much does Loom cost?

Loom, a video messaging platform, prides itself in offering its users various types of pricing tiers that cater to unique needs and financial capabilities. These tiers encompass the Basic, the Pro, and the Enterprise packages. The company's methodology in pricing goes beyond mere monetary considerations; it significantly leans toward user responsibilities and required specifications.

The Basic package is a free trial largely tailored for users who prefer an introduction to the platform's baseline features without any financial commitment. It’s absolutely free but provides limited functionalities.

On the other hand, the Pro package is primarily designed for users who desire enhanced video messaging capabilities. At a reasonable cost of $10 per month, subscribers gain exclusive access to premium features. These include high-definition video recording capabilities, unrivaled customer support, and ad-free usage with no watermarks, providing a more professional output and a seamless user experience.

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Alongside these options, Loom introduces the Enterprise tier. Specifically curated for large organizations requiring advanced compliance and security needs, these paid subscriptions are customized, with price points determined based on the specific features and scale necessary for the organization. Loom doesn't make the pricing for this tier publicly accessible, embracing a quote-based pricing model prevalent in software vendors in line with their enterprise-level subscriptions.

Ultimately, identifying the most appropriate package that harmonizes with one's needs or that of one's company is instrumental. This balance ensures financial resources are optimally utilized, considering you will only be paying for features you find necessary and beneficial.

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Loom Starter plan

The Loom Starter Plan is an optimal solution for individuals and smaller teams who are keen on leveraging the potential of video messaging. As a cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive platform, it presents an affordable yet efficient medium to record and share video material in an effort to streamline communication and boost team productivity.

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Built with user-friendly features and an easy-to-use interface, this plan is a versatile tool designed to support the collaboration and communication needs of its users. An impressive range of capabilities is at your call, encompassing the opportunity to capture and access as many as 100 videos or screenshots, further complemented by a multitude of trimming and editing options.

What sets the Loom Starter Plan apart is its exceptional value proposition. Despite being a more pared-down free version than its professional counterparts, it is free of cost, making it an ideal exploratory tool for those interested in testing video messaging as part of their communication strategy. You can use the Loom Starter Plan to your advantage by identifying how video communication can further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your workflow. Consequently, the Starter Plan offers competent functionality and makes a strong case as a well-packaged option, apt for the deployment needs of smaller teams or budget-constrained individuals.

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Loom Business plan

A loom business plan serves as a comprehensive strategy outlining the roadmap to success for a weaving enterprise. In the textile industry, this venture involves producing various woven fabrics using diverse threads and yarns. The blueprint encapsulates a high-level overview of the business and its offerings, underscoring its competitive advantage within its intended market.

An effective loom strategy equally prioritizes all aspects of the operation, strategizing around financial planning, marketing tactics, material sourcing, and the overall scalability of the business. By detailing this all-encompassing plan, it provides a precise and in-depth pathway towards achieving profitability, sustainability, and growth.

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By grasping the ins and outs of this plan, individuals significantly enhance their chances for successful enterprise navigation. This concept of a comprehensive plan is also echoed in the standard Loom subscription for businesses. Priced at $8 per creator per month when billed annually - or $10 when billed monthly - this subscription tier offers access to advanced recording and analytics features for an unlimited number of creators without imposing any limit on the recording length.

Moreover, this subscription tier allows every paying creator to extend their workspace by adding up to 50 paid Creator Lite members free of charge, thereby expanding the scope and reach of their content. This approach mirrors the seamless scalability and potential for growth within the loom business plan, reinforcing the importance of strategic planning and investment in ensuring business success.

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Loom Enterprise pricing

Loom Enterprise emerges as a high-value, cost-efficient solution, expertly designed to elevate the collaborative efforts within businesses. Its comprehensive suite offers advanced, security features and superior analytics, with a price of only $10/user per monthly, charged annually. This subscription delivers appreciable advantages, including single sign-on, data exports, and exclusive customer support, ensuring every penny spent is a worthy investment. Furthermore, it provides an affordable choice for big teams by scaling pricing in line with the size of the business. With Loom Enterprise, teams can access top-tier productivity tools without breaking the bank, thus promoting efficient business operations.

Loom's enterprise package goes beyond its Business tier, offering additional administrative features and enhanced data policies, specially designed to cater to large organizations with numerous creators. Its free plan also includes Salesforce integration and priority support with a personalized account manager. To avail the Enterprise plan, businesses are expected to consult with the Sales team for a bespoke quote that meets their specific usage needs.

While requiring negotiation with sales is common for many SaaS tools, it can pose a hurdle for prospective customers seeking price clarity without engaging in sales discussions. Loom Enterprise, however, offers free trials as a solution, giving a chance to test the waters before making a commitment.

How to get a discount on Loom pricing

Implementing reductions to your Loom subscription can substantially alleviate expenditure. To secure a Loom discount, enlist for their email notifications, which commonly disseminate exclusive deals and promotions to subscribers. The alternative annual payment option is also noteworthy — offering significant savings compared to monthly charges. Stay vigilant for potential promotional sales during festive periods or unique events. Lastly, the referral program offers a clever indirect discount strategy. By referring individuals who subsequently become paid Loom members, one can accrue credits redeemable against your own subscription.

Conversely, collaborating with InVertice might provide assistance in facilitating a Loom contract reduction, among other software solutions within your repertoire. In effect, software pricings are typically flexible. Through strategic negotiation, it's possible to achieve a less costly plan.

So, how can software contracts be efficiently negotiated? Here are some key strategies.

In negotiating a Software as a Service (SaaS) contract, equip yourself with competitor pricing insights. For example, examination of contractual conditions proposed by other video communication providers like BombBomb or Zoom might create an opportunity for Loom to match or exceed a competitive deal.

Aside from billing expenses, review what your prospective vendors offer in relation to renewal terms, length of notice periods, monthly and annual subscriptions, customization, as well as maintenance and support. With these variables in mind, negotiation could result in a distinctive arrangement tailored to specific business requirements — potentially at a more economical price than initially quoted for purchase or renewal.


In conclusion, Loom's pricing plans offer flexibility and a range of features to cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you're a student needing basic features, a small business seeking more comprehensive tools, or a large enterprise requiring advanced capabilities, Loom has got a pricing plan for you. This guide provides an intricate understanding of what each plan entails, enabling you to make informed decisions best suited to your requirements and financial capacity. Trust Loom to transform your video messaging experience with their user-friendly platform and affordable pricing.

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