From Japan to the world!

Our story, in a nutshell

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Money Forward i, Inc. (MFi) is a subsidiary of the Money Forward group and was created in February 2021 to develop a new and intuitive SaaS management platform (SMP) for the global market.

Our parent company, Money Forward, Inc., is a successful SaaS application and fintech company in Japan with over 30 IT products, including accounting systems for business enterprises, individuals, and financial institutions.
Since initially launching its first product in 2012, the company has grown rapidly, now employs over 1,900 people, and has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) since 2017.
• Have over 30+ IT products
• Used by over 12 million individuals, 175,000+ businesses & 40+ financial institutions
• Now on the Prime Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
• Starting their Global expansion with MFi

Money Forward has always striven to be a progressive company that puts the user first and utilizes technology to put people in control of their money and their well-being.

Diverse expertise leads to exceptional results!

Diverse expertise leads to exceptional results!

Diverse expertise leads to exceptional results!

We focused on creating a service that was more in tune with the needs of global users by starting with an international product team and committing to a simple and intuitive design. We have continued to grow the operations to incorporate talent from around the world to ensure that we develop the most diverse and versatile service to meet the needs of SaaS users worldwide.

Currently, we have 25 team members from over 10 different countries and looking to start a U.S. office soon!

We pride ourselves on being an internationally diverse team that can work in harmony to overcome globalization's challenges.

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