What is GitLab? GitLab Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans



What is GitLab? GitLab Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans

What is GitLab? GitLab Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans


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What is GitLab? Can free guest users be invited?

GitLab, an open-source platform that provides a complete DevOps solution, has become an integral part of software development teams worldwide. With its comprehensive range of features, including version control, issue tracking, continuous integration, and deployment, GitLab has earned a reputation as a reliable and user-friendly platform. However, while GitLab offers a free version, it also provides additional premium plans with upgraded features and support. In this article, we will delve into the different plans offered by GitLab and explore their pricing structures, helping you make an informed decision about the best option for your development needs. Whether you're an individual developer or part of a large enterprise, understanding GitLab pricing will ensure you can maximize the value of this powerful tool while staying within your budget.

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What is GitLab? Can free guest users be invited?

GitLab is a robust web-based platform with a primary goal of streamlining and enhancing the software development process. It provides a comprehensive DevOps toolchain, combining version control, continuous integration, and deployment capabilities into a single, integrated solution.

By using GitLab, developers are able to efficiently collaborate, keep track of changes, and effectively manage code repositories. The platform offers an intuitive interface and a plethora of features, including issue tracking, code reviews, and wikis, making it a preferred choice for both small and large-scale projects.

One of the standout features of GitLab is its flexibility, enabling teams to work remotely while ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the development lifecycle. From code management to project planning, GitLab simplifies the development workflow and empowers organizations to achieve faster, higher quality software releases.

In order to grasp the concept of GitLab, it's important to understand the foundation it is built upon - Git. Git is a powerful version control tool that tracks changes to digital files, facilitating project management, collaborative work, and progress tracking. Whether users possess technical expertise or not, Git can be utilized to monitor project files.

By utilizing the web-based Git repository, GitLab, users gain access to a wide range of features such as wikis, issue tracking tools, and open and private repositories, all available at no cost. GitLab stands as a complete DevOps platform, allowing professionals to effectively plan projects, manage source codes, and monitor security. Ultimately, teams can collaborate seamlessly to build better software.

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What about GitLab's Pricing?

GitLab's pricing is known for its transparency and flexibility, setting it apart from other platforms. It offers both free and paid tiers to cater to different needs and budgets. The free tier is ideal for smaller projects or personal use, providing essential features without any cost. This makes it accessible to individual users and small companies, as it allows up to 5 users per namespace.

For teams and organizations requiring advanced functionality, GitLab offers paid tiers with additional benefits. The Premium plan enhances team productivity and coordination by including additional features to support their work. The Ultimate plan goes even further, offering organization-wide security, compliance, and planning tools.

What makes GitLab's pricing truly unique is its commitment to the open core philosophy. Both the free and paid versions of GitLab provide the entire source code, ensuring transparency and fostering collaboration within the GitLab community. This approach not only builds trust but also provides a cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes.

When it comes to billing, GitLab pricing is based on an annual per-user-per-month model. The Free plan is entirely free, making it an appealing choice for those on a tight budget. The Premium plan costs $29 per user per month or $348 per user per year. The Ultimate plan, with its comprehensive features, is priced at $99 per user per month or $1188 per user per year. By offering different pricing options, GitLab ensures that organizations can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

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Does GitLab have a free plan?

Yes, GitLab offers a free plan that is available for both individual developers and small teams. This plan provides a comprehensive range of features that are accessible at no cost. With this free plan, users have the freedom to create unlimited private and public repositories, enabling seamless collaboration with teammates through issues and merge requests. The plan also includes the valuable feature of CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipelines for automated building and testing, allowing for efficient software development processes. Moreover, users have the ability to manage project milestones and benefit from many other useful features.

In addition to these impressive features, GitLab's free plan comes with a generous storage limit of 10GB. This ample storage capacity ensures that users have sufficient space to store their projects and associated files without any worry of running out of storage capacity. Furthermore, the free plan offers 400 CI/CD minutes per month, enabling users to execute automated processes efficiently.

With these substantial features and generous offerings, GitLab facilitates the initiation of software development projects for individuals and small teams without the need for any upfront costs. Therefore, whether you are an individual developer or part of a small team, GitLab's free plan provides all the necessary tools and resources to kickstart your projects seamlessly and effectively.

GitLab’s Premium Plan

The GitLab Premium plan is a comprehensive subscription package provided by the well-known web-based Git repository manager. Designed specifically for organizations seeking additional advantages, the Premium plan offers an extensive range of advanced tools and services. Users who opt for this plan can enjoy unlimited CI/CD minutes, enabling them to expedite software development cycles and foster enhanced team collaboration. The Premium plan also includes an assortment of advanced security features such as Dependency Scanning and Container Scanning, which provide an added layer of protection to codebases. Furthermore, users gain access to priority support, ensuring they receive prompt assistance whenever necessary. With the GitLab Premium plan, businesses can elevate their development processes and drive greater productivity throughout their teams.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the GitLab Premium plan offers even more features that further enhance the development experience. Users can take advantage of advanced CI/CD functionalities, enabling them to streamline their code deployment processes. With a generous allocation of 10,000 CI/CD minutes per month, teams can effortlessly manage their continuous integration and continuous deployment needs. Furthermore, the 100GB transfer per month allows for seamless data transfer, while the 50GB storage capacity ensures ample space for code repositories and project files.

The Premium plan is designed to optimize code review processes, facilitating faster and more efficient feedback cycles. Additionally, enterprise agile planning capabilities are included to support organizations in managing their projects and sprints effectively. The self-managed reliability feature ensures the consistent and reliable performance of the GitLab infrastructure. Furthermore, release controls are provided as part of the Premium plan, enabling teams to have granular control over their software releases.

Lastly, the Premium plan offers comprehensive support to users, ensuring they receive the assistance they need in a timely manner. From troubleshooting technical issues to providing general guidance, the support team is committed to helping users make the most of their GitLab experience.

In summary, the GitLab Premium plan is an all-encompassing solution that equips businesses with the necessary tools and support to enhance their development processes and drive greater productivity across their teams.

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GitLab’s Ultimate Plan

GitLab's Ultimate plan is a top-tier offering designed specifically for organizations with advanced development and collaboration needs. Ideal for larger teams, this plan presents a comprehensive range of features aimed at streamlining software development workflows. With Unlimited CI/CD minutes, it efficiently facilitates continuous integration and deployment processes.

In addition to the Unlimited CI/CD minutes, the Ultimate plan boasts an array of premium perks. It includes advanced security features like Container Scanning and vulnerability management, providing robust protection for code and applications. Moreover, the plan offers valuable insights and analytics to assist in tracking team performance and enhancing overall productivity.

But that's not all. The Ultimate plan takes it a step further by offering an impressive package of bonuses. With 50,000 CI/CD minutes per month, teams can accomplish their tasks without any constraints. Furthermore, users benefit from 500GB transfer per month, ensuring smooth data transmission. Additionally, the plan includes 250GB storage capacity, allowing for ample space to securely store necessary files.

Moreover, this premium package provides advanced security testing, compliance pipelines, vulnerability management, and value stream and portfolio management. These features equip organizations with a scalable and secure platform to accelerate their software development lifecycle.

To top it all off, the Ultimate plan even offers the ability to invite guest users for free, making collaboration seamless and accessible to external stakeholders. With the Ultimate plan from GitLab, organizations can confidently propel their software development initiatives forward, confident in the knowledge that they have all the necessary tools and resources at their fingertips.

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Gitlab’s Enterprise Plan

GitLab offers an Enterprise plan that is tailored for organizations aiming to achieve an advanced and robust version control system. This comprehensive solution provides a multitude of enhanced features and tools that effectively manage large-scale projects and teams. With GitLab's Enterprise plan, businesses can benefit from integrated DevOps capabilities, allowing for seamless collaboration and the streamlining of software development processes.

The Enterprise plan includes a centralized code repository, advanced security measures, and advanced permissions management, ensuring a highly stable and secure platform for businesses. Additionally, this plan allows for high customization and scalability, enabling organizations to meet their specific requirements, such as advanced audit logging and enterprise-level support.

GitLab removes complexity and risk, allowing teams to iterate faster and innovate together. With the Enterprise plan, companies have everything they need to provide higher quality, secure software at a faster pace. Furthermore, GitLab understands that each business has its own unique needs, so the pricing for the Enterprise plan will vary accordingly.

In summary, GitLab's Enterprise plan empowers organizations with a comprehensive and tailored solution for efficient software development and collaboration at an enterprise level. With its enhanced features, advanced security measures, and seamless collaboration options, businesses can overcome challenges, remove complexities, and achieve higher-quality software faster and more securely.

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How Much Does GitLab Cost?

It is important to note that GitLab's pricing is calculated per month but billed annually. The cost increases based on the number of users. For example, the Premium plan starts at $228 per year for one user and increases to $1,140 per year for five users. The Ultimate plan starts at $1,188 per year for one user and increases to $5,940 per year for five users.

Additionally, if interested in the Enterprise plan, it is recommended to reach out to the GitLab sales team directly. They will work with you to create a custom package that meets your specific requirements.

It is also worth noting that there are additional charges for purchasing extra CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) minutes and extra storage. Additional CI/CD minutes are charged at a rate of $10 per 1,000 minutes, while extra storage is charged at a rate of $60 per 10GB. The CI/CD minutes payment is a one-time charge, while storage is billed annually.

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In conclusion, GitLab is a versatile and powerful tool that allows software development teams to streamline their workflow and collaborate efficiently. The platform offers a range of features, from version control to issue tracking, that make it an essential component of the DevOps process. While the free version of GitLab provides a solid foundation, the premium plans offer additional benefits and support for those who require more advanced features. By understanding GitLab pricing and the different plans available, individuals and organizations can choose the option that best fits their needs and budget, enabling them to fully leverage the capabilities of this valuable tool.

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