Understanding the 2023 Wix Pricing Structures - How to Evade Hidden Charges



Understanding the 2023 Wix Pricing Structures - How to Evade Hidden Charges

Understanding the 2023 Wix Pricing Structures - How to Evade Hidden Charges


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Wix Pricing Plans explained

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Wix pricing structures projected for 2023, providing insights about the various plans and specifications. With Wix being one of the most popular website builders in the market today, it's crucial to understand how its pricing framework works to make the most cost-effective decisions for your business. This comprehensive guide discusses potential hidden charges and offers tips on how to evade them, ensuring that you can maximize your website's potential without incurring unexpected costs. So, whether you plan to build a new website or switch to Wix, this article is your ultimate roadmap to understanding Wix's 2023 pricing structures.

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Wix offers a wide range of pricing options to meet various user needs, allowing you to choose a plan based on your website's purpose, desired features, and budget. Wix’s cost -efficient Free Plan allows for website building and testing, albeit with Wix ads.

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Should you go for an annual plan?

Choosing an annual Wix plan for your business holds considerable potential for your online visibility and success. Despite the seemingly intimidating upfront cost, the benefits far exceed the initial investment. Along with the numerous added tools and advantages that an annual Wix plan provides, there are significant cost savings compared to the month-to-month payment option.

Your annual plan gives you several value-added perks, which are especially useful for businesses focused on long-term growth. With this plan, you can enjoy a free domain name for a year, eliminate Wix ads on your site, access premium customer support, and utilize additional website features that cater to your technical and marketing requirements.

Moreover, an annual plan contributes to making your site significantly more professional and highly recognizable, offering a seamless user experience. It also boosts your site's SEO, a crucial factor in achieving higher visibility and attracting organic traffic.

If you're apprehensive about committing to Wix as a long-term platform, take advantage of the free plan to better understand its features and build a website you're comfortable with, without any costs. There's also a 14-day money-back guarantee with all premium plans, allowing you to test the additional features for two weeks risk-free.

In essence, if maximizing your online presence and leveraging all that Wix has to offer is your goal, choosing an annual plan would undoubtedly be a wise decision. This plan promises a myriad of benefits and savings, making it a winning choice for any business serious about its online growth and visibility.

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Wix’s Free Plan

As a distinguished web development platform, Wix distinguishes itself from the crowd by offering a free plan. This subscription tier, devoid of any financial commitments, allows users to explore and learn the ins and outs of website creation and management. The free plan provides users with up to 500MB of storage and bandwidth, and comprehensive online customer service, facilitating an effortless website creation experience.

With an extensive catalog of design templates, unlimited pages, and inclusive hosting services, even on a free plan, individuals can fashion a personalized professional website entirely free of cost. However, with freedom comes certain limitations - the inability to establish a custom domain name being one. Moreover, users' websites will bear Wix ads on all their pages as a part of this particular plan's regulations.

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Perhaps, the main shortcoming of the free model is the unavailability of online selling support, making it less suitable for those wanting to set up e-commerce platforms. Nonetheless, given its broad range of features and affordability, Wix's free plan stands as an optimal choice for individuals wanting to experiment and gain familiarity with website building without springing for a paid service.

Wix’s Website Plan (Non-Ecommerce)

Wix presents a plethora of robust web-based plans to cater to diverse users, including individuals, budding startups, sizable corporations, or full-fledged online stores. Each Wix plan is specially curated to directly address different needs, ensuring that everyone finds a plan that aligns with their objectives. The free plan satisfies users requiring basic functions. However, those seeking more advanced features would find Wix's array of paid plans to be of considerable benefit.

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On subscribing to these paid plans, users can enjoy benefits like the exclusion of Wix advertisements, increased data storage, enabling online transactions and getting a one-year domain free of charge. There is notable differentiation in Wix's plans based on storage capacity, bandwidth, and unique attributes such as advanced analytics, marketing tools, and priority support.

In terms of paid plans, Wix has curated a 'Light Plan' targeting users who want to build a website rather than an online store. With a monthly price of just $16 (on annual invoicing), the plan offers an array of basic features, perfect for personal blogs, portfolios, business sites, and more. It includes benefits like Wix ad removal, provision for 2GB storage space, a free domain for the first year, access for two collaborators, a light marketing suite, and a 30-minute video allowance. Upgrading to this plan can optimally upscale your growth, amplify customer interaction, and effectively monetize your online presence.

Wix’s Business Plan (Ecommerce)

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For businesses interested in launching an online sales platform, Wix provides a meticulously crafted range of ecommerce business plans, aimed at supporting entities of all magnitudes: from burgeoning startups to established enterprises. Wix's ecommerce solutions offer multiple feature-rich plans, all of which are competitively priced between $27 and $159 monthly, provided you sign up for annual billing.

Each plan is tailored to deliver distinct advantages, offering everything from seamless online payments and unlimited bandwidth to insightful customer analytics and the utilization of a custom domain. Moreover, you can look forward to maximizing your online visibility with the provision of advertising vouchers, take full advantage of premium support, and avoid transaction fees altogether. However, it is relevant to note that the choice of your payment method may entail an approximate processing fee of 2.9%, in addition to $0.30 per purchase.

Through its ecommerce plans, Wix empowers users to design a captivating and navigable online store, excelling at product display, order management, inventory tracking and facilitating seamless customer connections. To summarize, whether you're making your first foray into online sales or looking to scale an existing setup, Wix's ecommerce business plans are a comprehensive solution for achieving online entrepreneurship success.

Wix’s Core Plan

Wix's esteemed Core Plan, also popularly recognized as the 'Unlimited' plan, has been strategically outlined to fulfill the necessities of medium-scale enterprises and burgeoning entrepreneurs. This plan extends unbounded bandwidth, bounteous storage of 10GB, and the skill to link your unique domain. It also confers supplementary bonuses like the elimination of Wix ads and the incorporation of significant marketing strategies, one of which includes Google Analytics. This plan further offers an attractive $300 ad voucher package, useful Wix’s Site Booster, and handy Visitor Analytics apps. These added conveniences are beneficial in promoting website progression and enhancing online exposure. Essentially, the Core Plan erects a valuable ladder that motivates entrepreneurs to escalate their digital presence without incurring exorbitant expenses. It presents an exceptional fusion of practicality and professionalism.

A befitting example of the value derived from the Core Plan would be Sam's experience. Sam, a skilled photographer, assembled his wide-ranging portfolio using the Light plan, and possesses an impressive Instagram following on his photography account. Owing to the increased interest from people wanting to purchase his masterpieces as prints, he decided to experiment with selling his five most adored pictures in a variety of sizes. He swiftly upgraded to the invaluable Core Plan with the intent of establishing his shop page and initiating the process of payments. It demonstrates the versatility of this plan in facilitating the smooth start of e-commerce with zero transaction fees, albeit with just the basic features. As business begins to boom, users can effortlessly upgrade to advanced Business plans for enhanced support and functionalities.

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What is Wix’s Business Basic Plan

Wix, the globally acclaimed website builder, offers a high-value subscription service named the "Business Basic Plan." This premium plan is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to build a strong online presence. With its help, subscribers can design and host top-notch websites, featuring unlimited bandwidth and a substantial 20GB of storage.

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The Business Basic Plan takes online business operations a notch higher by presenting an online payments facility. This feature allows businesses to seamlessly set up an online store to foster e-commerce. To complement your e-commerce efforts, the plan provides tools to enhance your operations such as adding product reviews – a major credibility booster.

Additionally, for merely five video hours, Google Analytics integration, and a free domain valid for a year, this plan also includes a lucrative offer of $300 advertising vouchers. This package constitutes everything you need to effectively launch your business into the online space. Plus, it also enables discounts on USPS, automated sales tax calculations for up to 100 transactions, and the opportunity to start dropshipping and accepting subscriptions.

Consider a scenario like Sam’s, who sells prints. As his sales volume increases, upgrading to the Business Plan offers major benefits like pro e-commerce features. This includes a currency converter for international selling or even integrations with other marketplaces such as Etsy. For a small addition of just $5/month, you can significantly enhance your online store’s functionality. And above all, Wix provides around-the-clock customer care to assist subscribers and ensure a smooth user experience. Remember, when your business sees steady sales, it may be the right time to switch to the Business Basic Plan.

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What is Wix’s Business Elite Plan

As a robust premium service, Wix's Business Elite Plan is tailored to suit businesses targeting advanced digital functionalities. The plan delivers all-encompassing solutions essential for creating, managing, and expanding your online presence. With an impressive 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, professional logo design, and social media logo files, it is evident that Wix's Business Elite Plan appeals to those aiming for a superior digital platform.

The plan also assures fast-tracked assistance by offering priority response and VIP support, invaluable features for businesses reliant on seamless online operations. Unique in its scope, the Business Elite plan offers capabilities like accepting online payments, managing client bookings, and generating customer analytics - critical tools businesses need for sustained online success.

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An outstanding asset is its potential in the area of e-commerce and holistic business solutions. It provides capabilities for increased customer reviews and transactions, while also automating sales tax with no additional transaction fees. Moreover, it offers a further USPS discount, invaluable for businesses dependent on regular shipping.

Although the plan entails a notable price increase, it is a justified investment for businesses generating sufficient revenue. Its advantages are evident in scenarios like Sam's, who, after experiencing consistent business growth, upgraded to the Business Elite Plan. Despite the initial cost, the plan enhanced his site’s performance while streamlining processes and saving time - a worthy investment for his venture's continued success. Therefore, if you're considering adopting the Wix platform and need these functionalities, starting directly with a dedicated platform like Shopify might be more advantageous.

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What is Wix’s Enterprise Plan?

Wix has recently introduced its Enterprise plan, targeting large-scale businesses requiring a comprehensive web solution. The service enables these organizations to establish, manage, and preserve their online presence fluently. Provided through a cloud-based development platform, it allows a high degree of customization and provides integrated analytics, professional creative and marketing services.

Moreover, the Wix Enterprise introduces advanced security features and priority support, addressing specific business necessities. Consequently, it revolutionizes how big-scale companies function online. By providing personalized web solutions, it helps foster growth while ensuring the utmost data protection. Businesses can leverage this new offering to create dynamic, visually impressive, and secure web experiences tailored to their specific needs.

Previously listed at $500 per month, the Wix Enterprise plan’s rate has shifted to a "Custom price." Meaning, interested organizations must contact the Wix’s Enterprise sales team for pricing details. Without explicit information on what it offers or its value proposition, deciding whether or not to opt for this plan can be a challenge. Should you find the above mentioned Business plans insubstantial or not serving your growth trajectory, it might be time to explore dedicated ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, to support your business operations.

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Does the Free Plan Truly Come Without Cost?

Whilst numerous enterprises entice consumers with the allure of 'complimentary' plans, such perks often carry hidden costs. The expenditure, not necessarily financial in nature, often takes the form of more discreet modes of payment. This subtlety comes in the form of having to sacrifice on certain features and functionality, compromising on the limits of storage, or lack of standardized customer support.

A prime example includes Wix, which offers its customers an unfettered 'free' plan, inclusive of storage that can reach up to 500MB. This complimentary proposal appears advantageous at first, as it is free of any time stipulations, and you can both curate and circulate your website without forking out a cent.

Creating an account with Wix doesn't require your payment details - all it takes is an email address. However, frequent users are cautioned against being too complacent with the free plan over a substantial period, as it stumps potential growth and lacks professionalism.

An additional cost may include providing personal information, surrendering to potential privacy breaches, or even exposure to a barrage of advertisements. As the cliché goes, 'nothing in life is truly free'. Therefore, it is for discerning users to decipher the real cost lurking behind these enticing 'free' tags.

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Wix vs Competitor Pricing

Understanding the nuances of Wix's pricing strategy in relation to its competitors like Squarespace and Shopify is crucial to making informed decisions about selecting the most optimal website-building platform. Over time, Wix has strategically transformed its pricing structure, removing less expensive plans such as the Connect Domain option that was once available for approximately $5 per month, a plan still accessible to UK-based users for around £4 per month.

Notably, the price of 'Light', which currently stands as Wix’s least expensive paid plan for US-based customers, has incrementally increased by around $2 per annum over the years, now priced at $16 per month. This price hike aligns with industry-wide price growth trends.

In comparison, Squarespace and Shopify have minimal entry plans pricing at $12 and $29 per month, respectively, albeit without any free versions, unlike Wix's free basic website plan. Pricing packages from Wix span from around $13 to an extensive $500 per month, catering to an array of user requirements and budgets.

Although the pricing may feel steep, the unparalleled value delivered by Wix is impressive, with extensive features including unlimited bandwidth, diverse templates, and superior customer support. Therefore, Wix appears to be a cost-effective selection when constructing a professional online presence.

Any Hidden or Additional Costs?

Wix auto-renewal

Wix, a renowned website creation platform, provides an auto-renewal feature that might not entail additional charges, but may perplex customers when they realize the continuation of their subscription at the end of the billing cycle. Being an extremely convenient and practical feature, the auto-renewal guarantees your website's uninterrupted operation. Once you opt for a Wix subscription, whether it's for a website, an app, or a domain, the system is configured to automatically renew your plan at the end of the billing period. This ensures you don't have to follow up with a manual renewal every time your cycle ends. Despite being a default setting, Wix places customer convenience and control at its core. Thus, if you wish to disable this auto-renewal feature, you may do so anytime. Navigate through 'Billing and Payments' in your account, find the 'Plan Actions', and simply click on 'Cancel Now'. However, this does not mean your current subscription will be terminated instantly. Consequently, this feature is designed to stop automatic renewal at the conclusion of your subscription period without disrupting your existing services. Wix, aiming for smooth website management, offers this flexible feature, effortlessly harmonizing convenience and control.

Wix domain name cost (only free for first year of annual plans)

$14.95 to $24.85 per year

The cost of a Wix domain name essentially refers to the annual fee a user incurs for obtaining a distinct website address on the Wix platform. This expense operates independently from the charges associated with the website building plans. On average, securing a Wix domain typically costs around $14.95 per annum, with certain specialized domains amounting to approximately $24.85 annually.

Remarkably, Wix routinely offers a complimentary one-year domain voucher with its yearly plans. This generous offering permits users to have a personalized domain free-of-charge during the first year of use. Once this inaugural year elapses, the usual annual renewal fee is implemented. Notably, this renewal process is carried out automatically to prevent any inadvertent loss of your domain.

It is fundamentally crucial for purchasers of Wix domains to diligently verify for any supplementary services. The costs of these additional features can potentially inflate the overall expense of obtaining and maintaining the Wix domain. Furthermore, it’s important to note that if you neglect to pay for your domain, others have the opportunity to register and utilize that same domain name.

Wix Custom email addresses

$4.08 per month per email address

Wix and Google Workspace have collaborated to furnish an indispensable tool for professionals wishing to enhance their online credibility and brand recognition. This partnership provides Wix users with the privilege of creating specialized, professional-looking email addresses, specifically tailored to their business and directly linked to their Wix website. This personalized email utilizes your website’s domain, allowing you to create explicit addresses such as yourname@yourbusiness.com.

Intermingling functionality and ample storage of Gmail, these custom email addresses also boast Google’s robust security spectrum. Overall, it’s a potent blend of aesthetics and efficiency that adds a more established, credible veneer to your business communication. Having such a business-specific email not only bolsters your professional image but also significantly contributes to brand saliency.

You can effortlessly purchase, configure, and manage these email addresses directly in the comfort of your Wix dashboard. These professional email addresses can be availed at an affordable cost of $6.00 per month for an annual plan, and $6.50 for those choosing a month-to-month plan. Considering that research suggests an impressive 75% of US e-commerce customers perceive professional emails as a core element that breeds trust in a business, investing in Wix's custom email addresses is undeniably a worthwhile venture.


In conclusion, the Wix 2023 pricing structures require careful understanding to avoid hidden charges. It’s vital to take all factors into account, considering both general costs and the specific needs of your business. The guide provided in this article aims to assist users in maximizing the potential of their websites while ensuring cost-effectiveness. It provides comprehensive information on Wix's pricing framework, ultimately enabling you to make informed decisions and evade potential hidden charges. Hence, be it setting up a new website or switching to Wix, this article serves as your essential guide.

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