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QuickBooks Online Pricing And Plans

QuickBooks Online Pricing And Plans


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For which users is QuickBooks Online accounting software most suitable?

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the various pricing and plans offered by QuickBooks Online ー a popular cloud-based accounting software. We will discuss what each plan involves, the services offered, and their advantages to help you make an informed decision about the package that suits your needs. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a thriving company, understanding the scalability of QuickBooks Online's solutions can greatly assist you in managing your financial tasks efficiently and effectively.

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"QuickBooks Online is a highly reputable and widely adopted accounting software perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that need a comprehensive approach to financial management. It stands out due to its array of features such as online banking integration, invoice customization, and tax calculation, all capable of meeting the organizational needs of any small business owner. The software is designed to accommodate entrepreneurs with demanding schedules, offering mobile access so they can stay on top of their business finances anywhere, anytime.

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Moreover, QuickBooks Online is not just useful for entrepreneurs, it is lauded by professional accountants and bookkeepers as well. It has advanced accounting features, making it one of the most used platforms by these professionals. With capabilities like income and expense tracking, invoice management, and production of detailed reports, the software offers unparalleled functionality in streamlining business accounting processes.

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QuickBooks Online features five plans at varying price levels, providing the flexibility to choose according to the specific needs of your business. As your business grows, seamless upgrades to more advanced plans are readily available. However, be cautious about the additional services that the platform offers, such as payroll capabilities, which may come at an extra cost. Ensure you understand what is included in your chosen quickbooks online plan and what services might require additional fees. Overall, QuickBooks Online is a powerful, robust tool that has the potential to transform the way you manage your business finances.

QuickBooks Online Plans and Pricing

QuickBooks Online, a prominent accounting software, comes in five different, scalable plans to cater to varying business needs. These include Self-Employed, Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. Opting for the Self-Employed plan can cost users between $15 and $35 a month, depending on whether or not they choose to incorporate tax and CPA services.

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On the other hand, the other four plans fall within the $30 to $200 per month range. The Simple Start plan (at $30) is beneficial for solo businesses, featuring invoice creation, expense tracking, cash flow insights, track project profitability, and more. For growing businesses, the Essentials plan priced at $40 per month, offers bill management and time tracking functionalities. The $70 monthly Plus plan provides more comprehensive features including inventory and project profitability tracking. Lastly, the Advanced plan, specifically structured for larger businesses with more extensive needs, costs $150 per month.

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All these plans ensure data backups and offer a choice between a 30-day free trial or a 50% discount for the first three months. Notably, this doesn't allow users to avail themselves of both options. The QuickBooks online plan has also partnered with various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. All of them have distinct fees, but when your QuickBooks Online account is linked with QuickBooks Payments (formerly known as Intuit Merchant Services), the charges to accept payments become standardized.

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QuickBooks Self-Employed

"QuickBooks Self-Employed is the perfect financial management tool designed to cater to the needs of freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. This intuitive software makes managing finances a breeze by streamlining different accounting tasks for improved efficiency.

Its distinctive features are designed to take the burden out of financial record-keeping, allowing professionals to focus more on their craft rather than paperwork. It simplifies tracking of income and expenses by categorizing transactions and separating personal expenditure track income from business ones. This results in a clearer and more organized overview of your financial health.

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Moreover, it provides an efficient way to manage client relations with a professional invoicing feature. This feature allows users to promptly and professionally bill clients, lending a sense of professionalism to any business operation.

One of its key features is the built-in mileage tracker, which alleviates the challenges of track mileage and logging vehicle deductions with precision. Beyond this, it makes tax season less daunting by calculating estimated dues and keeping well-organized records for stress-free tax filing.

Thoroughly designed with a focus on ease and efficiency, QuickBooks Self-Employed lays out a cost-effective solution for individuals reporting income on Schedule C of their personal income tax return. It's more than just a financial management application; it's an empowering tool that facilitates focus on what truly matters – your business and your craft.

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QuickBooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Simple Start, designed and developed by Intuit, is an intuitive accounting software tailored to meet the needs of small enterprises. This user-friendly platform provides complete financial manageability, providing a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Boasting a host of tools, QuickBooks Simple Start makes tracking income and expenses, generating invoices, and creating payments, as simple as a few clicks.

One of the most important strengths of QuickBooks Simple Start is its accessibility to individuals without advanced accounting skills. It simplifies finance management, making it significantly easier for small business owners to maintain an up-to-date and correct record of their financial operations. However, it should be noted that while the Simple Start program excels at managing receipts, tracking mileage, and helping to claim tax deductions, it does not possess the utility to pay bills directly; that functionality is only available in the QuickBooks Essentials package.

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Integral to QuickBooks Simple Start is its ability to ensure the safety of your financial data. It utilizes encrypted, automatic backups providing an extra layer of data protection. The product's compatibility with mobile devices further enhances its utility, allowing you to access your financial data anywhere, anytime. Offering a modern solution to an age-old challenge, QuickBooks Simple Start promotes both efficiency and financial accuracy in small business management.

QuickBooks Essentials

QuickBooks Essentials, an upscale variant of the renowned accounting software by Intuit, is tailored towards accommodating the needs of small to medium-size businesses. The software effectively automates crucial tasks such as invoicing, billing, and reporting, thereby facilitating competent and efficient financial management. It comes embedded with tools for precise tracking of income and expenditure, creating custom-made reports to derive insights, and streamlining tax periods through orderly information curation.

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The ability to support multiple users adds to its versatility by promoting collaboration. Above all, the software is user-friendly, which simplifies the process of traversing through the intricacies of business finances. Thus, QuickBooks Essentials not only paves the way for financial transparency but also induces growth propulsion for the businesses.

Specifically, for growing businesses or small business owners, QuickBooks Essentials could be a game-changer. Implementing this plan allows up to three users to avail all features embodied in QuickBooks Simple Start while unlocking the additional functionality to track inventory, work hours and manage bills. A noteworthy advantage is the capability to process unpaid bills, designate billable hours and expenses to particular customers, and more critically to forward reminders of impending bills to ensure timely payments.

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QuickBooks Plus

QuickBooks Plus, a creation of Intuit, is a highly efficacious accounting solution that is deemed to be amongst the top offerings in its sphere. It is specifically constructed to facilitate businesses in seamlessly managing their finances. Its core features encompass expense tracking, invoice generation, tax filing, and payroll administration. The software is cognizant of the importance of team collaboration and thus permits multi-user accessibility for up to five members.

Further enhancing its appeal, this premier accounting software is equipped with robust reporting tools that offer profound insights into a business’s financial health. By leveraging these data-driven insights, businesses can augment their decision-making process, making it data-intensive and strategic. QuickBooks Plus also plays a crucial role in cash flow management, allowing businesses to streamline their operations effectively.

Considering the rising cybersecurity threats, QuickBooks Plus has been instilled with stringent security features ensuring all your financial data is secure. As the most popular plan amongst businesses, it offers integral tools for inventory tracking, project management, and tax support, catering especially to the needs of mid-sized businesses. Besides, it allows businesses to maintain a close eye on project profitability by tracking project-related expenses and labor costs. Hence, QuickBooks Plus morphs into a powerful business associate aiding your financial management journey.

QuickBooks Advanced

QuickBooks Advanced, a robust cloud-based accounting solution, breathes life into growing businesses with its top-tier, comprehensive features. Equipped with powerful advanced utilities and backed by Intuit, QuickBooks Advanced proves to be an advantageous tool for sizable businesses driving towards expansion. With capabilities extending beyond simple accounting, this software application offers comprehensive cash flow analysis, streamlined invoice generation, efficient payroll management, and precise inventory tracking, among other rich features.

One of the standout characteristics is the option for custom user permissions, which marks a strategic balance between flexibility and controlled access to confidential data. This aids in nurturing a well-organized and secure accounting environment. Moreover, the software's strong relevance to data-driven business decisions is noteworthy. QuickBooks Advanced deploys enhanced analytics and productivity tools, enabling companies to navigate their future course using informative data insights.

Business automation is yet another impressive feature, allowing workflows to run smoothly and fostering productivity across various levels, thereby steering efficiency. Besides the remarkable scalability on offer, QuickBooks Advanced also provides unwavering customer support, a dedicated account team, and advanced reporting tools. The provision for batch invoices, data restoration, and on-demand online training further enhances its indispensability. All in all, QuickBooks Advanced promises growth adaptability, high-end performance, and a sterling level of user satisfaction making it an appealing investment for businesses intending for expansive growth.

QuickBooks Online Alternatives

Wave Accounting is a fantastic free software that offers unlimited invoicing and expense tracking, making it a budget-friendly choice for start-ups and small businesses. Furthermore, Wave provides a helpful dashboard showing your income, expenses, and a snapshot of your financial health, allowing you to keep an eye on your bookkeeping at just a glance.

Meanwhile, Slickpie distinguishes itself by offering automated data entry. Its user-friendly interface and simplicity make it ideal for small businesses starting up. The automation feature of Slickpie eliminates much manual input, helping to minimize errors and freeing up your valuable time.

Zoho Books, on the other hand, is revered for its strong inventory-tracking features, a much-needed tool for small businesses keen on managing and controlling stock levels effectively. Zoho Books also offers a comprehensive set of tools for financial management, making it a great contender for managing your business's finances.

Ultimately, each QuickBooks Online alternative has unique features that cater to different business needs. The key to finding the right one lies in understanding and accurately assessing your business's financial requirements. By examining the features and benefits of FreshBooks, Xero, Wave Accounting, Slickpie, and Zoho Books, you will be better equipped to choose the platform that aligns best with your business's needs and goals.

QuickBooks Additional Fees and Features

QuickBooks not only provides a robust accounting software but also offers several additional features to optimize usability and customization. Each feature, however, does come with an additional fee. One such feature is the payroll processing service. This is particularly valuable for businesses with a significant number of employees. Its role is to cycle through payments, deductions, and benefits, ensuring an accurate and seamless process each time, an advanced feature usually excluded in conventional accounting software offerings.

Moreover, QuickBooks provides an Enhanced Payroll service which automates the completion of tax forms and tracks workers' compensation. This service is an exceptional upgrade that entrepreneurs should consider for efficient tax and pay-related operations. Additionally, for businesses looking to accept card payments, QuickBooks has created the Merchant Services; a per-transaction fee service for safe and secure card transactions.

Another noteworthy add-on is the Advanced Reporting feature, which enables the generation of custom reports to achieve detailed analysis. A feature that ensures user-tailored services but adds up to five users to the overall costs. That being said, while QuickBooks’ primary software caters to a wide range of business needs, these additional features help to customize and adapt the software according to specific business requirements with a slight upshot in the total outlay.


QuickBooks Payroll, a vital extension for QuickBooks accounting software, is designed with an emphasis on supporting small to medium-sized businesses. The ingenious tool streamlines payroll processing by accurately tabulating employee salaries along with deductions and taxes. The result is prompt and accurate salary payments and payroll taxes, year-end tax form preparations, and adherence to tax compliance.

Furthermore, QuickBooks Payroll equips businesses with direct deposit features, employee self-service portals, and inbuilt timesheets, bolstering effective payroll administration. With this tool, businesses can reduce time and effort spent on payroll activities, delegating focus to core business operations. QuickBooks Payroll's intuitive interface guarantees easy navigation for a seamless payroll experience.

QuickBooks Payroll offers three progressive plans; Core, Premium, and Elite, where each plan delivers increasingly more features. Priced at $75 plus $5 per employee, per month, the Core plan covers fundamental payroll activities such as automated payroll run, payroll tax filing, and extends employee services.

The Premium plan offers all Core features with additions like role-based access, same-day direct deposit, and automated time tracking. This plan costs $160 plus $8 per employee per month.

For $125 plus $10 per employee, per month, the Elite tier grants tax penalty protection and hands-on professional assistance for setup and troubleshooting.

Upgrade possibilities to higher tiers can be leveraged based on individual needs. If unsure of what plan to choose, beginning with the Core plan is recommended.

Additionally, the Core plan can be combined with Accounts Payable and either the Simple Start accounting plan or the Essentials plan for $75 plus $5 or $100 plus $5 per employee per month, respectively.

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping is an advanced technological tool designed for small enterprises seeking efficient management of their bookkeeping tasks. As a comprehensive digital platform, it offers real-time connection to certified professional bookkeepers who deliver swift and precise bookkeeping services.

These experts specialize in diverse tasks including categorizing business transactions, reconciling accounts, and generating monthly reports - all essential steps in ensuring your financial documents are prepared and organized for tax time. Leveraging QuickBooks Live guarantees not just orderly financial books, but also grants entrepreneurs the time freedom they need to channel their energies into areas they excel in.

Investing in software, though beneficial, doesn't automatically streamline your accounting processes. For maximum benefit from QuickBooks, you need to understand its usage. QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping comes into play here, linking businesses to real-life professionals who navigate this software's complexities with ease, ensuring your books are up to date and accurate. Every month, they review and close your books, delivering detailed reports like income statements, sales tax, and financial statements which help make informed business decisions.

The service cost is custom-tailored, varying with the size of your business and typically ranges between $200 and $600 per month. This price is trivial when considering the value of expert live bookkeeping support and service your business stands to gain. QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping promotes informed financial decisions and operational efficiency by taking care of your crucial bookkeeping tasks professionally.

QuickBooks Setup Fee

As a top-notch accounting solution, QuickBooks is widely utilized by a range of businesses, from startups to large-scale enterprises, aiding them in effectively handling their financial matters. Implementing this software requires the completion of a setup process, consequently incurring a QuickBooks Setup Fee.

This one-time cost pertains to the configuration of the software, which is uniquely tailored to accommodate a business's specific requirements. The QuickBooks Setup Fee often covers far more than the basic setup encompassed within the retail price. Fees can include services customized to your business, such as establishing accounts, setting preferences, and staff training programs. It should be noted that this fee can fluctuate, depending largely on the provider handling the setup, the extent of customization required, and the size and number of users in your enterprise.

Effective setup is crucial to ensure that your bookkeeping procedures are streamlined, leading to the production of accurate financial reports. If the setup process appears daunting, QuickBooks also offers Live Bookkeeping for a $50 fee. This provides users with a single, informative session with an expert who can clarify any queries. This service ensures your accounting software is properly initiated, enabling a smoother financial management process for your business.

QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop

Intuit's financial tools, QuickBooks Online and Desktop, bring distinct capabilities designed to enhance the process of bookkeeping. The quickbooks Online subscription version, a cloud-based solution, offers flexibility of access through any internet-enabled device. It presents automatic updates, opportunities for real-time collaboration, and integration with online sales platforms. Fitted into a subscription-based pricing model, QuickBooks Online turns out to be an efficient tool.

QuickBooks Desktop, conversely, is a locally-installed software that necessitates a one-time licensing fee. It is equipped with more advanced features, such as batch invoicing and industry-specific versions. However, it requires the user to take responsibility for data security, given its localized installation.

The pricing structures also differ substantially. While the online version requires monthly subscriptions, the Desktop model gives a choice between a monthly subscription price, a three-year license or yearly updates. Furthermore, while Online allows a maximum of 25 users on its highest-priced plans, Desktop has a per-user cost for additional users, allowing up to 30 users for its Enterprise edition.

QuickBooks Online's automating features can significantly streamline activities for small businesses. However, it's worth noting that QuickBooks Desktop has a slightly dated user interface compared to the quickbooks Online version. Therefore, the choice between the two depends largely on your specific business model, needs and preferences.

Quickbooks Online Pricing FAQs

What is the difference between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, developed by Intuit, provide crucial accounting assistance to businesses to effectively manage their finances. The primary differentiating factor between the two platforms lies in their access modes. The QuickBooks desktop pro represents a traditional desktop software, requiring installation on a specific device, subsequently restricting its access to that particular system. This software yields effectiveness primarily to businesses requiring industry-specific features.

Contrarily, QuickBooks Online emerges as a more flexible and contemporary solution. It operates as a cloud-based platform that can be accessed dynamically from anywhere and any device with an active internet connection. This grants businesses the power to manage their financial matters in real-time and on-the-go.

While both platforms carry their unique merits, they cater to different needs across varying scales and types of businesses. QuickBooks Online leans more towards a simplicity-driven, automated environment with its ability to provide real-time updates, making it a desirable choice for businesses demanding constant vigilance over their finances. On the other hand, QuickBooks, with its specialized features focusing mainly on inventory management and advanced accounting functionalities, tailors to businesses desiring a more comprehensive accounting solution. Therefore, the decision between the two ultimately hinges on a business's specific requirements, nature, and operational scale.

Is QuickBooks difficult to use?

QuickBooks, a front-runner in the accounting software industry, has built a significant reputation for its user-oriented design and intuitive interface. Although it may present certain initial challenges, these are often based more on unfamiliarity with specific accounting terms or features rather than the software's inherent complexity. A point worthy of note is that QuickBooks was designed with the needs of small business owners in mind, not professional accountants. This results in a fairly straightforward learning curve for novices, who can easily navigate the software thanks to its user-friendly layout.

The software does have a feature-rich environment which might seem overwhelming initially, but it is supported with comprehensive guided tutorials specifically designed for beginners. Users might face challenges while dealing with complex tasks such as corrections on tax forms. However, these challenges tend to dissipate with time and practice.

Furthermore, QuickBooks is backed by Intuit, a company keen on user success. Consequently, they provide a plethora of support resources such as instructional videos and support forums. These resources significantly aid in overcoming any difficulties users might encounter while using the software. Therefore, any perceived difficulty can often be reduced to unfamiliarity rather than issues with usability.

Lastly, for professional accountants who are well-accustomed to QuickBooks, navigating and understanding the platform's functions comes as second nature, making them a valuable resource for users seeking personal guidance. Therefore, despite initial challenges, QuickBooks remains relatively easy to use for its intended audience.

Can QuickBooks Online do payroll?

As a proficient tool capable of adeptly managing payroll, QuickBooks Online showcases its versatility by introducing an advanced feature known as QuickBooks Online Payroll. This integrated element boosts the software's efficacy, proving that it can handle complex payroll procedures effortlessly. The valuable feature facilitates accurate calculation of paychecks, tax forms, and year-end reports automatically, ensuring a faultless payroll mechanism.

Additionally, QuickBooks Online Payroll provides an efficient direct deposit feature that enables a quick and easy payment setup for employees, contributing to its sought-after status in business payroll management. Specific plans cater to diverse business needs, ensuring every company, regardless of its scale, finds a suitable option. These plans range from a modest $45 to a more comprehensive $125 per month for online payroll services only. This price is supplemented with an additional fee of $5 to $10 per employee per month. The packages also encompass vital offerings like health benefits and workers' compensation.

By integrating this progressive payroll management tool, businesses gain access to a convenient, efficient, and precise payroll system. It gives businesses the advantage of streamlining their payroll processes while simultaneously reducing the chances of errors. Considering the range and quality of services offered at this price point, QuickBooks Online Payroll stands as an excellent solution for businesses seeking to optimize their payroll management processes.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Online provides a versatile platform for managing your business finances, with its range of flexible packages catering to diverse needs. Its competitive pricing offers value for money, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. Ultimately, a clear understanding of what QuickBooks Online offers, its pricing and its comprehensive services would enable you to harness its full potential and streamline your financial management processes for business success.

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