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Notion Pricing plans

Notion Pricing plans


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What Is Notion?

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive look into Notion's pricing plans. Notion, a popular productivity tool, is well-admired for its versatility as a powerful note-taking app, task management platform, database tool and collaboration space. Understanding its pricing can be a challenging task due to the various plans it offers catering to individuals, teams, enterprises, and even students or educators. Whether you're considering using Notion for personal use or implementing it in a business setting, this guide will help you navigate through all available options to ensure you find the plan that best aligns with your needs and budget.

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Notion, a beginner-friendly project management software, emerges as a versatile, all-in-one productivity solution, playing a significant role in helping to manage tasks, streamline workflows, and foster team collaboration with ease. Offering an efficient blend of Google Docs, Trello, Confluence, and Evernote’s functionalities, Notion simplifies project management, quite deservingly earning a spot on our best project management software list of 2023.

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This productivity powerhouse melds efficient note-taking, data management, and collaboration tools to create an all-encompassing workspace. Users can effortlessly set tasks, craft notes, establish databases, schedule reminders, and even bookmark key data or documents. Moreover, it comes with a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to organize their pages, enhancing the overall work structure.

The integrative aspect of Notion stands out, offering a unique element that seamlessly supports individual productivity while promoting team collaboration. Equipped with Kanban boards—a tool to visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency—the software integrates tasks, wikis and databases offering a simplified approach to optimizing project productivity.

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Whether for managing solo tasks or coordinating with small teams, Notion has proven to be an indispensable asset in task organization. With its capability to unify various productivity tools in a streamlined, single interface, Notion is a dream come true for those striving for an efficient workflow.

Notion Pricing and Plans

Notion is a highly adaptable productivity platform that offers a range of pricing packages to accommodate its diverse customer base. The first option, the Personal Plan, is available at zero cost, making it a supremely suited choice for sole users who desire to streamline their personal or professional duties with unlimited pages and unlimited blocks for teams.

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For more dedicated individual users, Notion's Personal Pro plan for $5 monthly provides advanced permissions and features such as version history and priority support. Collaborative teams also have a subscription option that serves their needs—the Team Plan at $10 per person monthly offers a cooperative workspace with administrative tools.

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The top-tier of the pricing structure, the Enterprise Plan, is ideal for businesses seeking expanded security and support, available at $25 per person monthly. Notion hasn't overlooked learners and educators in its flexible pricing approach, offering bespoke packages to promote academic productivity and organization.

In summary, Notion, while offering a free option with minor limitations, also provides a selection of paid plans for individuals and organizations for optimally facilitated collaboration and more expansive features. The versatility of these plans delineates Notion's commitment to user-based pricing and customer satisfaction.

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Notion Free Plan

Priced at no cost, Norton's free plan is ideal for individuals looking to manage their personal tasks, or work-related projects thoroughly. This free plan can be extensively used by freelancers, independent consultants, or business owners who don’t necessarily need to upgrade to a paid plan, ensuring that it's not only accessible but also functional.

Unlike other project management tools that have limitations on their free accounts, Notion's free plan provides a full user provisioning them to create an infinite number of pages. This freedom extends to the designing of the pages as well. Notion doesn’t constrain the user's creativity, allowing them to style their pages as per their preferences. Users have the liberty to build multiple projects, tailored as per their needs. However, it's crucial to bear in mind that the total size of the attached files such as images, videos on these projects should not exceed 5MB.

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The plan also includes a feature for collaboration, even within its free version. Small teams of up to 10 members can utilize this tool to plan, formulate, and organize their work within a shared workspace effectively. However, the freemium version has its limitations. The size of the attachments should not exceed 5MB, the page history is only available for the last seven days, and includes only a single database which syncs with various other software platforms like Jira, GitHub and Asana, restricting the number of rows on day page history this database to 100 only.

While it offers vast features, it also misses out on priority support, private team spaces, and SAML-single sign-on (SSO). Despite these limitations, Notion's free plan, with its amalgamation of simplicity and flexibility, guarantees to revolutionize your task and project management tool and note-making process.

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Notion Plus Plan

As a top-of-the-line offering, the Notion Plus Plan is engineered to catapult your productivity and organization skills to unparalleled heights. This plan is tailor-made for individuals who demand functionality that supersedes the offerings of Notion's free features. For a pocket-friendly price of $8 per user monthly, billed annually ($10 per user, billed monthly), you can enjoy an array of advanced features that include unrestricted file uploads, and advanced permissions.

Furthermore, the Notion Plus Plan provides swift priority support and dispenses with any limits on blocks within your workspace. It constitutes an essential tool for small teams seeking an efficient platform to plan and get organized. The plan remarkably expands the page history from a week to 30 days and augments the number of guest collaborators from a mere ten to an impressive 100. Users will also benefit from an unlimited quantity of synchronized databases and the luxury of unlimited file uploads.

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Notion Plus further offers a version history feature for your content. This enables the recovery of any previously discarded information. The plan also provides an option to collaborate with guests, taking your projects and ideas to the next level. You can conveniently access your workspace across an unlimited number of devices, affording you the ability to manage tasks, efficiently oversee projects and stay coordinated regardless of your location.

Finally, users have the capability of publishing any page on the internet which significantly increases their online presence. Whether you wish to publish a résumé, portfolio, job vacancies, startup-pitch deck, or a fundraising campaign, the Notion Plus Plan has got you covered. However, it's worth noting that it doesn't support advanced page analytics or the ability to export the entire workspace as PDF. Even so, the Plus plan still proves to be a worthwhile investment for individuals expecting more from their Notion experience.

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Notion Business Plan

The Notion Business Plan is a revolutionary aid designed to seamlessly streamline your business strategy, valued at $15 per user per month, billed annually ($18 per user, billed monthly). This transformative productivity tool offers impressive adaptability due to its modular framework, allowing users to properly establish, fine-tune, and oversee a wide array of tasks, encompassing anything from databases and calendars to reminders.

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With Notion, you have the freedom to adapt your workspace to fit your specific operational requirements. Its bounty of features enables comprehensive integration of text, media, and files, thereby encouraging unlimited collaborative work, drafting meeting agendas, and project planning. A strong foundation for a business plan is facilitated through Notion's in-built templates that effectively cover vital areas such as target marketing, competition analysis, and financial planning.

Among its primary features are private team spaces, bulk PDF export, and SAML SSO. Notably, the Business Plan offers advanced security, collaboration, and administrative features not available in the Plus Plan. For instance, the private team space feature lets administrators create concealed team spaces, visible only to authorized personnel - an ideal solution while handling sensitive data. To take the security up a notch, its SAML single sign-on feature equips admins with enhanced control over user access and network security.

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Although the software lacks audit log, unlimited page history, and workspace analytics, Notion’s Business Plan remains a top-tier, efficient, and instinctive tool for business planning. It is most suited for businesses striving to unite several teams.

Which Notion Plan Is Best for You?

Choosing the right Notion plan largely hinges on your specific requirements. If you're an individual user aiming to streamline your personal affairs, the free Personal Plan could be an impeccable fit. It offers unrestricted access to unlimited pages and unlimited blocks too. This is a robust enough offering for most individuals, freelancers, or independent professionals maintaining personal projects.

However, when your needs involve more advanced features, the paid plans come into play. If you're looking to collaborate with others or employ enhanced permissions, the Personal Pro Plan emerges as a viable choice. Its suite of features suits small teams effectively, especially those needing to upload large files, such as videos.

Moving on to larger teams needing robust collaborative workspaces with additional capabilities, the Team Plan becomes desirable. This plan offers a comprehensive set of tools that ensures fluid collaboration and communication within teams.

On the other hand, businesses that require more advanced features will find the Enterprise Plan fitting. If you're a business or organization utilizing Notion for organizing or storing sensitive data, this plan becomes almost indispensable. Its advanced administrative and security controls bring an additional layer of security and safety.

Ultimately, it's safe to say the best Notion plan is one that complements your precise professional or personal needs. Every Notion offering has its unique strengths and key features targeted at different user profiles, making it necessary for users to carefully identify their needs and choose accordingly.

Notion Discounts

Notion is a remarkable productivity software designed to help users manage their personal and professional lives in an optimally structured format. An enticing feature associated with this software is the 'Notion Discounts', which offer substantial markdowns on subscription costs to specific user groups, such as educators and students.

Currently, Notion is providing its Personal Pro Plan, usually priced at $5 per month, completely free of charge to students and professors—this presents significant savings potential. The advantage of these discounts translates into comprehensive access to Notion's functionalities at a cost-effective rate. Users enjoy privileges such as advanced blocks, guest access, and priority support, previously available only in the pro-version.

Additionally, offered is Notion’s Plus plan, which is entirely free to students and educators. To avail of this, users need to register using their school email address. Should the address find a match with the list of approved schools, users will secure free access to the Plus plan, effective for as long as their status remains as a student or educator at the respective school. This provision further contributes to the platform's manifold financial advantages.


In conclusion, Notion's diverse pricing plans tailor to a variety of users, from personal use to large-scale enterprise integration. Its multifaceted features as a note-taking app, task manager, and collaboration tool only bolster its appeal. While the myriad plans may initially seem daunting, this guide provides clarity in navigating the best fit for your specific needs. It is crucial to explore these options before settling on a plan to ensure it aligns with both your requirements and budget, thereby ensuring a cost-effective and efficient use of the Notion platform.

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