How Much Does Zapier Cost? A Comprehensive Guide to Zapier Cost and Zapier Pricing Options



How Much Does Zapier Cost? A Comprehensive Guide to Zapier Cost and Zapier Pricing Options

How Much Does Zapier Cost? A Comprehensive Guide to Zapier Cost and Zapier Pricing Options


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What is Zapier?

In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial for businesses and professionals to automate their workflows and streamline their repetitive tasks. When it comes to connecting various applications and software seamlessly, Zapier stands out as a popular and powerful automation tool. With its ability to integrate multiple apps and automate workflows, Zapier has become a go-to solution for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

However, before diving into the vast possibilities of Zapier, it's essential to evaluate its subscription plans and pricing structure. Understanding how much Zapier costs enables users to make well-informed decisions and choose the most suitable plan that aligns with their needs and budget.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Zapier's pricing, exploring the different subscription plans and their corresponding features, as well as the value they offer to businesses and individuals. By the end, readers will have a comprehensive understanding of Zapier's pricing options and be equipped to determine the right plan for their specific requirements.

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Zapier, an online platform, offers a powerful solution for enhancing productivity and efficiency in both business and personal settings. By serving as a bridge between various apps, Zapier automates repetitive tasks and facilitates seamless integration and smooth data flow across multiple platforms. Users can easily create customized automated workflows, known as "Zaps", without any coding skills. These workflows can connect different apps and automate tasks such as data entry, file transfers, social media posting, email management, and more. By eliminating manual work, Zapier saves time and increases productivity.

One of the key features of Zapier is its user-friendly interface and extensive integration options, making it an invaluable tool in streamlining workflows and boosting productivity in any professional setting. Not only does Zapier provide a no-code editor for building automated workflows, but it also offers a free plan with 100 tasks per month. Users can also choose from Zapier's pricing plans to access more tasks per month. To get started and experience the benefits of Zapier, users can easily set up a free account. This allows them to explore the platform and see firsthand how it can automate tasks, save time, and enhance productivity.

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Zapier Pricing

During the trial period, you should access all of Zapier's features and capabilities, allowing you to fully explore and test its potential for your automation needs.

Once the trial period expires, you can choose to continue using the free plan, which is suitable for basic automation tasks and offers a limited number of automations and app integrations.

For individuals and businesses with more demanding automation requirements, Zapier offers paid plans starting at $20 per month. These plans provide access to advanced features such as multi-step zaps, premium app access, and increased task capacity, enabling you to create more complex and efficient workflows.

Zapier's pricing structure is designed to cater to the needs of freelancers, small business owners, and enterprises alike, offering affordable options that streamline workflows and boost productivity.

By offering a range of pricing plans and flexibility in terms of payment options, Zapier ensures that individuals and businesses can choose the plan that best fits their automation needs and budget, while providing the necessary features to optimize workflow efficiency.

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Free Plan

This accessible entry point is highly convenient for individuals or businesses with a tight budget or those looking to explore available options without any financial commitment.

When it comes to businesses with a single user requiring only a few simple tasks to automate, the free plan serves as the most suitable option. This plan enables users to create up to five single-step workflows using most of the apps integrated with Zapier, excluding premium apps. Zapier performs periodic checks every 15 minutes in the trigger apps for new data and runs the designated Zaps accordingly. The free plan allows up to 100 tasks to be processed per month. It is the ideal plan to begin with while familiarizing oneself with the basic functionalities of Zapier.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is a suitable choice for individuals or businesses who are in the early stages of using a Zapier. Although it may offer limited features or access compared to higher-tier plans, the Starter plan is more affordable, starting at just under $20/month (billed annually), making it an accessible option. FYI, when billed monthly, the same plan will cost $30/month.

If you find yourself in a situation where you still have only one user and a relatively small number of processes to automate, but you need to automate multiple activities in one or more apps (including up to three premium apps), the Starter plan would be a suitable option. By subscribing to this plan, you gain access to additional features, such as the ability to use conditions in filters, format text, numbers, and dates, and even create custom integrations with webhooks.

The Starter plan allows you to build up to 20 Zaps and provides access to 750 tasks per month. You can also add more tasks (up to 1,500 tasks/month) by paying an additional $19/month (billed annually) under the same starter plan.Notably, the update time for the Starter plan remains at 15 minutes, ensuring efficient processing of tasks.

Overall, the Starter plan serves as an accessible entry point for users to explore and benefit from a service by offering a range of features at an affordable price point.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan is specifically designed for individuals who are seeking to elevate their skills and maximize their utilization of Zapier. This plan is ideally suited for those who have an abundance of intricate and multi-step procedures that demand conditional logic. Additionally, if your business relies on more than three premium applications, the Professional plan is the perfect fit for you. All features from the Starter plan are encompassed within this package, and you also gain access to paths and task Autoreplay. The plan starts at $49/month (billed annually) which includes up to 2,000 tasks per month.

By subscribing to the Professional plan, you unlock numerous benefits, such as the ability to utilize an unlimited number of premium applications and create an unlimited number of Zaps. Furthermore, you can enjoy a faster update time of just two minutes, allowing for more efficient and seamless operations. Additionally, with a Professional plan subscription, you gain access to a significant range of tasks per month, ranging from 2,000 to 2,000,000, depending on your chosen payment plan.

In essence, the Professional plan acts as a comprehensive and indispensable tool to guide you along your professional journey. It ensures that you remain focused and organized while giving you the ability to effectively manage your time. Moreover, it offers a solid framework for making critical decisions that align with your career aspirations. Ultimately, this plan serves as the beacon that propels you towards your desired professional destination.

Team Plan

The Team plan is specially designed for businesses that have multiple team members responsible for automating and managing processes. It offers a range of features that can greatly enhance productivity and collaboration within the organization.

With the Team plan, teams can create a strategic approach to work, setting clear objectives and defining roles and responsibilities. This helps facilitate effective communication and fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members. By maximizing the skills and strengths of each individual, the Team plan aims to improve overall performance and streamline workflows.

One of the key advantages of the Team plan is its ability to allocate resources efficiently. Teams can effectively distribute tasks and identify potential challenges, allowing them to devise solutions and ensure projects are completed on time and to the highest standards. By providing a roadmap for success, the Team plan helps reduce conflicts and improve overall performance.

In addition, the Team plan allows for the invitation of unlimited users to the Shared Workspace. This means that all team members can securely access multiple apps without the need to share passwords or API keys. They can also share workspaces and select who has access to specific folders, ensuring a secure and organized collaboration process.

Furthermore, the Team plan offers a faster update time of 1 minute and a much higher task allocation compared to the Professional plan. This ensures that teams can work efficiently and effectively, with the added benefit of access to a dedicated premier support team. This support team provides faster and prioritized responses, offering additional assistance and guidance.

In essence, the Team plan serves as the foundation for a cohesive and successful team. With its comprehensive features and benefits, it helps businesses automate and manage processes securely, while promoting productivity and collaboration among team members. The plan starts at $69/month (billed annually) and includes up to 2,000 tasks/month.

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Company Plan

The Company plan is perfect for organizations that utilize Zapier across various teams, or those that require more advanced administrative functionalities. With superior security, control, and assistance, Company accounts provide an optimal solution. They offer the most efficient way to manage every department's Zap under a single account.

The Zapier Company Plan is designed for organizations seeking a robust automation solution with high-level security features and oversight capabilities. Priced at $99 USD per month (billed annually), this plan includes a multitude of features designed to streamline your business processes.

With the Company Plan, you get 2,000 tasks per month and unlimited Zaps. A 'Zap' is essentially a set of instructions that automates tasks between your apps and services. The system checks for new data to trigger your Zaps every minute.

The plan also comes with a multi-step Zap feature, allowing a single trigger (e.g., a new email lead) to perform multiple actions (e.g., add to my CRM and message my team). This is done through a no-code editor, allowing for easy workflow creation. You can edit your Zaps without disabling them, quickly iterate and re-use steps across different Zaps, and re-order your Zap steps through drag-and-drop functionality.

A unique feature of the Company plan is the Transfer (beta) feature, which enables you to move data in bulk from one app to another. This can help you better manage your data and streamline the transfer process.

The plan allows you to use unlimited premium apps, create subfolders for better organization, and apply filters so your Zaps only run if your data matches certain criteria. Additionally, there are formatting steps to help you adjust numbers, dates, and text to your preference.

The Company plan comes with versioning features like Version History and Version Rollback, which help in managing and recovering previous versions of your Zaps. The plan also offers connections via Webhooks, allowing for powerful, custom integrations that connect any app.

If you find the cost of Zapier too steep, there are certain affordable alternatives that you can consider.

Is there an alternative tool if the cost of zapier is too high?

If you find the cost of Zapier too steep, there are certain affordable alternatives that you can consider.

Alternative software tools

Make (formerly known as “Integromat”)

This is a powerful automation tool that offers a free plan, which includes up to 1,000 Ops/month, and the paid plans are generally less expensive than Zapier. It supports a large number of apps and allows complex workflows. Its pricing starts at $9/month (billed annually) for Core Plan (similar to the Starter Plan of Zapier), $16/month for Pro Plan, and $29/month for Teams Plan. All the paid plans include up to 10,000 Ops/month, and additional Ops can be added by paying extra.


Standing for "If This Then That," IFTTT is a popular and simple alternative to Zapier, particularly for personal use. It offers many services free of charge.

Microsoft Power Automate

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, this is a potent tool especially for those already in the Microsoft ecosystem. It integrates seamlessly with Office 365 services and offers reasonable pricing. The subscription plans start from as low as $15 per user/month to up to $100 per flow/month. They also have Pay as you go plans, which starts from as low as $0.60 per flow run.


This is another alternative that provides a free plan and cheaper premium plans compared to Zapier. It offers a variety of integration possibilities.


This is an open-source option, meaning it's free to use if you host it yourself, but it requires technical knowledge. It's highly customizable and provides a wide range of integration possibilities.


In conclusion, Zapier offers a range of pricing plans to suit various needs and budgets. The pricing structure is designed to cater to both individuals and businesses, making it accessible for users at every level. Whether you're a solopreneur looking to automate your small business or a large corporation seeking to streamline complex workflows, Zapier has a plan that fits your requirements.

By exploring Zapier's subscription plans and understanding their features and benefits, users can make informed decisions about how much they are willing to invest in the platform. It is important to consider factors such as the number of integrations required, the volume of tasks to be automated, and the level of support needed.

Ultimately, Zapier's pricing is reflective of the value it provides in terms of time saved, efficiency gained, and improved productivity. With the right plan, users can harness the full potential of Zapier and revolutionize their workflow automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Zapier Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

If you're looking to build more intricate workflows, the Starter plan offers 20 Zaps that update every 15 minutes, multi-step Zaps, access to 3 premium apps, as well as filters and formatters. Connections via webhooks are also included. On the other hand, if you're a marketing automation expert in need of unlimited Zaps, the Zapier Professional Plan is your best bet. This plan not only includes all the features of the Starter plan but also offers updates every two minutes, Auto Replay, unlimited Zaps, and the added capability of connections via webhooks.

What Do You Need to Know About Zapier's Features and User Base?

Zapier offers a subscription free trial that doesn't require a credit card, making it easy for you to test out the platform. The service is commonly used by a diverse range of organizations, including mid-sized businesses, non-profits, public administrations, and small businesses. As for language zapier supports, Zapier is currently available in English. If you're looking to integrate Zapier into your existing tech stack, you'll be pleased to know that Zapier offers an API for more customized connections.

What Advanced Features Does Zapier Offer for Enhanced Support and Security?

With Zapier's Premier Support, you can expect faster, prioritized responses from a dedicated team. The platform also offers User Provisioning (SCIM) to automatically manage user accounts, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. For added control, you can manage app restrictions to dictate which apps and services can be connected to your Zapier account. Security is further enhanced with SAML single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, compatible with SAML 2.0 identity and access management (IAM) providers. If you have specific data retention needs, Zapier allows you to customize your task history retention to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Account consolidation features are also available to streamline management across your entire organization.

How Has Zapier Improved Its User Interface and Features for Better Usability?

Zapier has made significant strides in enhancing user experience. The Autoreplay feature can be easily accessed from the screen, offering you greater control over your workflows. In the "My Apps" zaps zapier section, you can conveniently view and manage all the accounts you've authorized Zapier to access, with options to test, disconnect, or reconnect each one. I find it commendable that Zapier has made these features so user-friendly. Additionally, the platform has updated its Zap editor to include a new right-hand menu, which provides an outline of your Zap, relevant guides, error reporting features, task history, and options for organization, making the process of setting up your Zaps more intuitive than ever.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using Zapier for Workflow Automate repetitive tasks ?

Zapier serves as a powerful automation tool that seamlessly moves information between your various web applications, freeing you up to concentrate on your most crucial tasks. The platform offers a range of key benefits that enhance your workflow:

No coding skills are required to automate your work, making it accessible for everyone.

It takes the burden of repetitive tasks off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on more meaningful work.

With over 3,000 ready-to-use integrations, you can effortlessly connect all the software tools you depend on.

Custom automation solutions can be built in just minutes, utilizing the apps you already use daily.

Should you encounter any issues, a team of experts is available 24/7 to provide assistance.

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How Much Does Zapier Cost? A Comprehensive Guide to Zapier Cost and Zapier Pricing Options