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Confluence Pricing Plans

Confluence Pricing Plans


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What is Confluence?

Choosing the right tool for team collaboration is crucial for businesses to stay organized and communicate effectively. The Confluence cloud, is one such sophisticated tool that comes with a variety of pricing plans suitable for different organizational sizes and needs. In the article 'Confluence Pricing Plans', we will provide a detailed overview of the various packages offered by Confluence, their respective features and pricing. The aim is to aid potential users and businesses in making an informed decision that fits their requirements and budget constraints.

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Designed and marketed by Atlassian, Confluence serves as a superior collaboration software solution. This innovative tool facilitates more effective teamwork by offering a user-friendly channel for creating, organizing, and debating work tasks. Primarily, Confluence is a valuable asset in managing project documentation, enhancing operational efficiency and team productivity.

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One of Confluence's commendable features is its universal accessibility and transparency. It effortlessly democratizes information, thereby eliminating the usual constraints related to the particularity of team members. With Confluence, users can easily develop pages, curate blogs, draft comprehensive documents, comment constructively on colleagues' input, spotlight enhancements, and much more.

Confluence excels in its seamless integration with renowned platforms like Jira, Trello, and Slack. It significantly fosters cross-platform collaborations, making it an adaptable choice for any organization seeking efficient teamwork.

Yet another profound attribute of Confluence lies in its versatility, flexibility and customization options and offerings. It provides a framework that embraces an array of templates, including meeting notes, project plans, and product requirements, thereby enabling users to align the tool with their specific demands.

Adding further value are Confluence's add-ons and extensions that enrich its functionality. Its ability to sync with other Atlassian tools like Jira, Trello, and Bitbucket allows teams to manage and execute their chores under one digital roof effectively.

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Confluence Pricing and Plans

Atlassian's Confluence, a leading productivity tool, offers an array of pricing plans each tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse business dimensions. These flexible and affordable plans can accommodate an array of organizational structures from small-scale startups to large corporations. For small teams, a Free plan is available, capped at 10 users. This offers an affordable entry point for smaller ventures.

To cater to the needs of growing businesses, Confluence offers a Standard plan at $5.00/user/month. This provides for up to 10,000 users and includes advanced administrative controls and permissions, making it a suitable choice for expansive teams. The Premium plan, at $10.00/user/month, is targeted towards large-scale teams, offering unmatched support, unlimited storage, and in-depth insights.

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For corporations seeking sophisticated features, the Enterprise plan incorporates SAML single sign-on, round-the-clock support and guarantees a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement. This provides an ideal solution for corporations demanding high levels of access, availability, and support.

Finally, Confluence recognizes non-profit and academic institutions' unique financial circumstances and may offer discounts to these bodies. In conclusion, Confluence’s versatile and inclusive pricing model ensures that it remains an affordable, appealing choice for all types of organizations, regardless of size or sector.

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Confluence Free plan

Price: Complimentary

Ideally Suited For: Atlassian’s Confluence free plan is a commendable option for small-scale businesses in search of a collaborative tool proficient for up to 10 users. This plan might not be the perfect fit for those with an accelerated growth trajectory.

Key Features:

- No monetary obligations for many as 10 users.

- Unlimited spaces and pages for unrestricted content creation and collaboration.

- Accommodates apps and integrations for enhanced functionality.


- Advanced data analytics are not part of this free offering.

- Restricts user permissions.

- Community support is the only form of assistance available under this plan.

This complimentary plan is specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small enterprises that need to collaborate with a restricted user base. The Free plan, although loaded with a robust set of basic features already, falls short in terms of providing advanced analytics and user permission capabilities.

Furthermore, it includes only community support, without access to any dedicated assistance. If you're a dynamic enterprise with aggressive scaling plans, paid versions of this tool would serve your needs better. Despite these hitches, Atlassian's Confluence Free plan assures a stable commencement to efficient team collaboration without causing any monetary strain.

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Confluence Standard

Confluence Standard, developed by Atlassian, is an advanced productivity and collaboration software designed for enhancing team effectiveness and streamlining workflows. It facilitates seamless sharing, creation, and collaboration on projects, all within a single accessible location, thereby promoting better communication and boosting overall productivity.

Equipped with a multitude of features, Confluence Standard includes document creation, templates, macros, project spaces, and page hierarchies. Organizing and accessing information is made more straightforward, while project management and team collaboration tools are significantly improved. Its open-source format facilitates smooth integration with other Atlassian tools, bolstering team performance even further.

Coming in at $48.33 monthly for a 10-user plan (if paid annually) or $5.75 per user when paid monthly, the Standard Plan certainly offers value. It provides essential core features without visibility, controls, analytics, and usage insights—perfect for businesses looking for basic functionalities.

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The plan boasts role assignment, page insight, and guest/client access features, alongside billing and invoicing facilities, making it a step-up from the free plan. It even offers up to 250GB file storage, the power to set space or page permissions, and anonymous access for collaborators outside your team.

However, if you desire analytical insights and access to usage statistics, a top-tier plan could be worth exploring. Overall, Confluence Standard stands as a valuable resource for companies that intend to enhance their own project management system and team collaboration.

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Confluence Premium

Confluence Premium, a flagship subscription service by Atlassian, is engineered to satisfy burgeoning business requirements, offering state-of-the-art functionality such as advanced analytics, limitless storage, and administrative control. This product is tailored to augment team collaboration and productivity, delivering strategic benefits right at the heart of businesses at a rate of $91.67 per month for a group of 10 users, or at an individual rate of $11 per user each month.

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Featuring a 99.9% uptime SLA, 24/7 access to premium support, and instantaneous disaster recovery, Confluence Premium guarantees near-zero setbacks in business operations. The service sets up a resilient framework for enterprises to hone their data center project management skills within a platform that inspires creativity, innovation, and team collaboration. The service is best suited for companies geared up to scale using superior features like site admin controls, usage insights, analytics, unrestricted storage, and premium support. However, analytics are limited to only one site.

Key features include virtually unlimited storage, team calendars, and automation, though the service lacks a central per-user licensing system and advanced Atlassian data and insight capabilities. Ideal for businesses focusing on data-driven insights, it offers page-level reports to help comprehend user interaction. Notably, Confluence Premium's offering of infinite storage and automation gives it an edge over the Standard plan. For organizations requiring multiple sites for independent brands or various divisions, the Enterprise-level option could be a more practical solution.

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Confluence Enterprise

Confluence Enterprise, developed by Atlassian, is a comprehensive project management platform designed to enhance teamwork and optimize productivity. This platform utilizes a unique amalgamation of sophisticated features that cater to a diverse range of business needs, including advanced security requirements and multiple product instances.

Acting as a central repository for data, Confluence Enterprise enables businesses to create, manage, and collaborate on tasks from anywhere in the world. The platform offers advanced permissions, dynamic pages, a myriad of integrations and robust search capabilities. Moreover, businesses can customize their workflows to meet specific project needs.

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Significantly, Confluence’s Enterprise plan also offers secure access to multiple product instances across server and data center, allowing individual teams or brands to maintain their own unique workflows and knowledge bases. Providing unparalleled enterprise-grade security, businesses can be assured that their sensitive data is protected against breaches while adhering to stringent privacy regulations.

Additional standout features include Atlassian Analytics and Atlassian Data Lake, tools that provide in-depth insights into team performance and project developments. Whether opting for pre-built or customized dashboards, managers can use these analytics for data-driven decision making.

Confluence Enterprise excels in promoting fluid communication and clarity among teams. By streamlining operations, enhancing organizational structure and energizing collaboration, it makes it simpler to meet deadlines, achieve objectives and realize goals. Harness the full potential of this game-changing platform to revolutionize your businesses productivity landscape. Note: Pricing is customized depending on specific requirements.


In conclusion, choosing the right Confluence pricing plan can greatly impact the productivity and efficiency of your team collaboration. By understanding the detailed features of each plan, businesses can choose a package that fits their needs and budget constraints. It's an integral part of ensuring smooth communication and organized work in businesses of all sizes. Hence, this guide on 'Confluence Pricing Plans' serves as a helpful resource for decision making. With the right tools and plans in place, achieving business goals efficiently becomes an attainable reality.

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