What is Zenhub?



What is Zenhub?

What is Zenhub?


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What Is Zenhub?

Zenhub is a powerful project management tool used to streamline and enhance GitHub workflows. This article provides an overview of Zenhub, exploring its features, functionalities, and how it aids in enhancing productivity and project coordination. Whether you're a developer, a project manager, or simply interested in project management tools, this in-depth guide will offer a comprehensive understanding of Zenhub and how it effectively aligns teams and tasks.

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ZenHub, an advanced project management tool, is specially built for software development teams working on GitHub. The tool, available as a browser extension, seamlessly integrates into the GitHub interface, enhancing its functionality with valuable features like task boards, charts, user story mapping, and high-level reporting capabilities. ZenHub aims to streamline project-related operations, making it incredibly beneficial for teams managing multi-repo projects. The genius of ZenHub lies in turning GitHub into a fully-featured project management platform, smoothing out collaborations and optimizing workflows.

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Featuring everything directly on GitHub, ZenHub eradicates the necessity for maintaining documents across diverse platforms, thus heightening productivity rates. According to the data displayed on ZenHub's homepage, the tool has successfully increased team productivity levels by 75%. The majority of users (93%) assert that ZenHub assists in task prioritization, thereby enhancing their productivity. Additionally, 92% of users report that ZenHub significantly reduces the time spent on updating project progress, freeing up more hours for coding. With a whopping 97% of ZenHub users confirming that the software assures them of precise, current project progress, ZenHub evidently offers promising benefits for project management. Moreover, adopting ZenHub has granted users an additional 2.5 hours per week for essential tasks, demonstrating a dramatic shift in minimizing time spent outside of GitHub.

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What is the history of Zenhub?

In 2014, Zenhub was unveiled by Aaron Upright and Peter O'Neil as a sophisticated, innovative project management tool that seamlessly harmonized software development with project administration. The vision was to maintain a consistent, up-to-date status of the project while facilitating sound business determinations based on current, accurate data. Their objective was to foster productivity and focus without compromising efficacy or accuracy.


Rather than diverting software teams from GitHub, Zenhub ingeniously integrated project management into GitHub's user interface. This ingenious fusion was initiated via a browser extension, infusing the Zenhub User Interface directly into GitHub, thus cultivating an environment that significantly boosted productivity and accuracy whilst mitigating the effects of context switching.

Context switching poses a significant risk to developer productivity, as the distraction of a disjointed and detached project management tool can prove expensive in terms of time and focus. By converging other project management tools with code in GitHub via Zenhub, this issue was essentially eliminated, creating a streamlined platform for project creation, monitoring, and management without any distraction.

As the platform grew, Zenhub incorporated additional advanced features to boost team productivity. Enhanced workspaces, organization structure like Epics, comprehensive reporting, Kanban boards, and more were made available, making Zenhub a critical tool for software development teams. Increasingly recognized for its unique capabilities, Zenhub revolutionized the agile project management and development process in various industries globally. Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Zenhub continues its growth trajectory, maintaining its lead position in the industry.

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Who Should Use Zenhub?

The innovative platform ZenHub is a highly customizable project management tool meticulously designed for technology teams, particularly those operating in the realm of software development. Its integrative dynamics work smoothly within GitHub's framework, making it an invaluable asset for not only software developers but also project managers, marketers, and enterprises employing Agile development methodologies. Profoundly, ZenHub's functionality goes far beyond traditional project management.

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ZenHub is fundamentally embedded in transforming and refining workflow efficiency—it streamlines software development processes, bolsters collaboration among team members, and substantially enhances overall productivity. No matter the size or complexity of your tech project, ZenHub's capabilities can be tailored to fit, making it an equally effective force within larger corporations and smaller startups alike.

Whether your team's focus is on work visualization, progress tracking, workflow automation or resource management within a GitHub-centric environment, ZenHub’s broad range of capabilities can address these needs. It offers a coherent, organized framework that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in teamwork solutions. So, if you are indeed seeking to boost your team's efficiency without deviating from your usual GitHub workspace, ZenHub emerges as a beneficial ally in accomplishing this objective.

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What are Zenhub’s Features?

Zenhub's Estimation Points

It includes a feature known as Estimation Points, which can greatly improve your project's timelines and release reports' accuracy. By helping predict projects' due dates, estimation points ensure your workflow is smooth and uninterrupted. This feature also aids in leveling the workload across your team, reducing the risk of members becoming overworked or underused.

Zenhub Milestones

Zenhub's Milestone is another significant feature. It helps organize your team's tasks into categories and sections, establishing clear and achievable deadlines for each. Not only does this improve organization, but it also assists your team in maintaining a strong momentum towards project completion.

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Reporting and Metrics

Finally, Zenhub boosts your team's productivity by providing detailed reports and metrics. These are insightful tools that give you a clear overview of your team's performance. By analyzing these, you can gain valuable insights to improve future planning and team performance.

To sum it up, Zenhub is packed with features that gracefully cover every significant aspect of project management. Whether it's seamless GitHub integration, customizable workspaces, or automated processes, Zenhub’s strengths lie in its adaptability and focus on increasing your team's productivity. This tool is designed with one goal in mind: to make project management simpler and more efficient, giving your team more time to focus on what they do best- coding.

How Much Does Zenhub Cost?

Pricing details for ZenHub, the renowned project management software fully integrated with GitHub, are straightforward and flexible. Firstly, ZenHub offers a 14-DayFree Trial. It grants full access to all of ZenHub’s expansive features, which allows for Unlimited Team Workspaces, Unlimited Users, and Priority support.

Secondly, at $12.50 per user per month billed monthly (or $8.33 per user per month billed annually), the Teams plan is tailored toward small to medium-sized teams. This plan not only allows complete access to ZenHub's entire gamut of functions, but it also offers additional services designed for enhanced team collaboration and support. 

Finally, for larger teams requiring more advanced features, ZenHub suggests the Enterprise plan. The pricing structure for this plan is custom-designed according to the unique specifications and needs of the organization in question.

It’s important to note, however, that pricing models are subject to change, in line with market trends. As such, to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details, it's recommended to visit ZenHub's official website directly.


Zenhub Pros

Zenhub empowers software development teams with its versatile and fully integrated project management capabilities. Understanding that each team possesses its unique workflow, Zenhub delivers customized workspaces, allowing teams to design task boards reflecting their distinctive operational styles and tasks. Augmented with a browser extension and a web application, the adaptive software could be deployed on the cloud or on-premise, accentuating its flexibility.

The ingenious amalgamation of project management with GitHub is another standout feature of Zenhub. This integration vastly minimizes context switching, enabling the developers to devote time and effort more efficiently into coding and less on extraneous tasks. Consequently, it saves substantial time, boosting the team's productivity.

For teams on a budget or individuals contemplating to explore without financial commitments, Zenhub provides an inclusive Free Plan. This grants access to all features and functionalities of the software, offering a perfect starting point for novices.

Arguably, the most defining characteristic of Zenhub is its seamless integration with GitHub. Some developers applaud how it perfectly aligns with GitHub’s flow, they often misconstrue the two as a single product. Zenhub’s integration whittles down the complexities in project management, making it more organized, insightful, and streamlined. As a result, it amplifies team efficiency, fostering improved productivity overall.


Zenhub Cons

ZenHub is lauded for being a robust and comprehensive project management solution, widely embraced by developers. It certainly possesses an impressive range of capabilities, but it also carries a few caveats that potential users should note. Its interface, while powerful, leans more toward the complex, which could prove intimidating for novices. The problems might extend further as ZenHub's integration with GitHub might present issues for those unfamiliar with the latter.

Additionally, ZenHub functions exclusively as a browser extension, which inherently restricts its accessibility; it only works when the browser is active. It also doesn’t afford a built-in chat feature, a key tool for instantaneous team communication.

Beyond these limitations, some users report experiencing a sluggish performance with ZenHub, a situation that often correlates with the size of their boards. Moreover, unless you hold an Enterprise plan, you might find the response from ZenHub's support team to be slower than desired.

However, potential users should also consider ZenHub's potent capabilities. When wielded effectively, these can provide a significant edge to team operations. Regardless of its drawbacks, ZenHub remains a formidable player in the project management field.

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In conclusion, Zenhub is a highly effective project management tool that enhances GitHub workflows, offering a plethora of features to streamline processes and boost productivity. It's an invaluable tool for developers and project managers alike, providing an efficient platform for seamless project coordination. Whether you're an experienced professional or a novice in project management, Zenhub offers essential insights to help you navigate your projects successfully.

Topics & Questions

Is Zenhub no longer free?

Renowned project management software provider, ZenHub, has undergone substantial transformations in its pricing structure, thus bringing an end to its previous offering of free services for public repositories. The dynamics have shifted in such a way that usage of the platform is now contingent on a 14-day trial period, offered free of charge, which upon completion requires users to enlist in one of their paid subscription plans.

With this pricing strategy, ZenHub aims to bolster the sustainability and enhancement of their services while being cognisant of how this impacts easy accessibility for users who were previously partaking freely. In consequence, ZenHub has morphed from being a freely available project management and tracking service to a fully paid subscription model.

This considerable pricing model restructure may pose limiting access for many of its users, who leveraged the platform for their only project management tool needs without incurring any cost. Though it's a drive towards securing financial stability and service improvement, it effectively positions ZenHub as inaccessible for users seeking free project management tools. As it stands currently, the platform's pricing model compels users to purchase a plan post the free trial, hence ZenHub is no longer free.

Is Zenhub safe?

Affirmatively, Zenhub can indeed be regarded as a safe software tool. Having earned distinguished respect and popularity within professional circles such as the tech and software development industry, its efficacy remains notably commendable. The security measures utilized by Zenhub encompass advanced systems including two-factor authentication and robust encryption protocols, which have been integrated with an objective to offer maximal protection to user data.

Further bolstering their commitment to uncompromised safety is the regular and rigorous audits that Zenhub subjects its application and infrastructure to. The purpose of these audits is to consistently measure the existing security structures against the industry's best practices and institute necessary upgrades to any identified weaknesses.

In addition to these systematic efforts, Zenhub's data privacy policies have been tailored to align with the stipulations of international data protection regulations. This serves to provide Zenhub's customers with a compelling reassurance of the safety standards sustained by the tool. Thus, as a Zenhub user, you can enjoy a feeling of tranquility in the knowledge that the security of your data is a top priority for the company. The intangible peace of mind this offering provides ultimately underscores the safe standing of Zenhub in the market, emboldening users to proceed with utmost trust in the tool.

What are the issues in Zenhub?

As a project management tool tailored for GitHub, ZenHub grapples with a host of challenges that can potentially affect its efficacy. Among the primary issues is a multifaceted and unintuitive user interface that can be especially daunting for novices attempting to navigate its pathways. Likewise, the real-time updates offered by ZenHub suffer from inconsistency, an aspect that tends to generate confusion among team members.

Another area that puts ZenHub's reliability into question is the estimation process, which often presents inaccuracies thereby jeopardizing project planning and track progress. Its compatibility exclusively with GitHub also poses a limitation, constricting its broader applicability across various other platforms. Notably, ZenHub falls short on certain features - including project templates and time-tracking mechanisms - that its competitors readily provide, resulting in a relative deficiency in terms of efficiency.

Cumulatively, these detrimental characteristics constitute significant obstacles that could substantially affect the overall productivity of teams who utilize ZenHub for project management. Therefore, for optimum outcomes, these elements call for comprehensive consideration and mitigation strategies.

Is Zenhub GitHub free?

Zenhub is a project management tool that seamlessly integrates with GitHub, a popular platform among developers, thereby enhancing its functionality with a suite of advanced features. Unlike GitHub, which operates on an individual-based, free-use model, Zenhub requires a subscription for full access to its tools and resources. Each subscription plan is carefully curated to cater to different team sizes and organizational needs, reflecting the diversity of Zenhub's customer base.

Why use Zenhub?

Zenhub is leading a revolution in project management. This innovative tool is now indispensable for agile teams, bringing about significant transformation in their operational efficiency. Zenhub, an all-encompassing solution, merges effortlessly with GitHub, eliminating the dependency on numerous plug-ins or external applications. This leads to an organized workspace free from unnecessary clutter.

Its distinctive features such as roadmaps, epics, and automation are designed to simplify tasks, create sprints, augment workflow, and boost team collaborations. These attributes of Zenhub enable team members to assign tasks with ease, and create an environment that allows for continuous workflow enhancements and optimal team collaboration.

Further, Zenhub is not only about project management and collaboration. It also promotes data-driven decisions with its integrated reporting and analytical tools. This aspect of the tool supports strategic decision-making, contributing significantly to project predictability and transparency.

Utilizing Zenhub undoubtedly enhances operational efficiency, increases transparency, and boosts the predictability of projects. It is a game-changer, acting as the pillar of success for modern-day software development teams. By harnessing Zenhub's potential, teams are not just optimizing their project management but also stepping closer to their strategic objectives, making it the ace in the pack for leading towards project success.

How do I add the Zenhub extension to GitHub?

Zenhub is a robust project-management tool specifically created to augment the GitHub interface. Recognized for its proficiency, Zenhub is a reliable tool designed to streamline and significantly simplify your project management tasks on GitHub.

Commencing the set-up process is straightforward. By visiting the Zenhub website directly, users can easily initiate the integration process. There, on the homepage, you aloofly find the inviting 'Get Started for Free' button - a gateway to unlocking various download options tailored for different browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

As you sign up and select your preferred browser, Zenhub systematically guides you through the remaining set-up steps. Follow the step-by-step prompts provided to facilitate a successful add-on of Zenhub to your browser. The entire process is intuitive, designed with user accessibility in mind.

Upon successful installation, you will notice a new Zenhub tab appearing on your GitHub account interface. This tab is your new project-management toolbox that will seamlessly harmonize your existing GitHub data and tasks. However, do remember to enable permissions for Zenhub to access your GitHub. This crucial step ensures a successful integration, unlocking Zenhub's full potential.

In conclusion, the set-up process for Zenhub is both user-friendly and convenient. Once installed and properly integrated, Zenhub stands as a significant aid in navigating your GitHub project management tasks at ease.

Is there a Zenhub extension for Safari?

ZenHub, a platform offering an expansive variety of productivity-enhancing features, currently lacks a direct extension for Safari. Despite this, it should be noted that its development focus has been fundamentally concentrated on browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These browser extensions facilitate flawless integration with GitHub, effectively transforming it into a robust project management suite within the GitHub interface itself.

Regrettably, avid Safari users do not benefit from such seamless GitHub integration as ZenHub hasn't extended its extension services to the Safari platform. However, this is not to imply that Safari users are left entirely in the cold. ZenHub has a standalone web application that compensates for this gap in service, offering a palette of features comparable to those available through a browser extension. This application, though lacking the smooth GitHub integration, presents a viable productivity-enhancing alternative to the browser extension which is a satisfactory solution for Safari users. Consequently, while the absence of a ZenHub direct extension for Safari might seem limiting, Safari users can resort to the ZenHub web application to satisfy their productivity requirements, thus offering them convenience and efficiency.

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