Integration description

Through integration, the following user data from Zoho CRM is synchronized with Admina:

  • Usernames

  • Email addresses

  • Employee or external account status

  • Zoho CRM permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function will be triggered if there is an account of a retired employee on Zoho CRM.

You can create or delete an account for the Zoho CRM.

  • De-activate account

Product description

Zoho CRM stands as a platform trusted by businesses worldwide, leading the charge in the field of customer support. It ensures seamless customer management and aids in the efforts towards achieving business success.

【Features and Details】
Zoho CRM offers a range of key features, starting with lead and deal management. This enables the establishment of a smooth and effective process from discovering new customers to closing deals.

Zoho CRM proudly supports multi-channel capabilities, accommodating customer communication through email, live chat, social media, and more. Moreover, it comes equipped with an AI assistant for swift information delivery and issue resolution.

Real-time analytics and reporting functionality evaluate business performance and provide insights for improvement. It drives data-driven decision-making, promoting growth.

【Pricing Plans】
Zoho CRM provides flexible pricing plans tailored to the scale and needs of businesses. With options like Essential, Professional, and Enterprise, it caters to a diverse range of requirements.

The Essential plan delivers basic customer management features and is suitable for small businesses. The Professional plan offers advanced features and customization options. For large organizations, the Enterprise plan is designed with security, advanced reporting, API access, and more. Each plan can be selected to align with your business needs, optimizing costs.

【Common Use Cases】
Zoho CRM finds extensive use beyond just customer management. Businesses employ it for lead management, optimizing sales processes, and improving customer support across various scenarios. Furthermore, Zoho CRM collects customer feedback, contributing to the enhancement of business strategies. It is a reliable tool that provides a shortcut to success.