Integration description

Through integration, the following user data from Productboard is synchronized with Admina:

  • Usernames

  • Email addresses

  • Employee or external account status

  • Productboard permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function will be triggered if there is an account of a retired employee on Productboard.

You can create or delete an account for the Productboard.

  • De-activate account

Product description

Productboard is a powerful product management platform that enables teams to build better products by centralizing and streamlining the entire product development process. With a comprehensive suite of features, Productboard empowers product managers, designers, engineers, and stakeholders to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions.

【Features and Details】
Productboard offers a range of features designed to cover every aspect of product management. The Ideation Board allows teams to collect and prioritize new ideas from various sources, ensuring that the most valuable features are considered for development. Roadmapping and Planning tools help product managers create clear product roadmaps and align team efforts.

The Insights Repository gathers user feedback, research findings, and market insights in one place, ensuring that decisions are based on real data. Feature Prioritization helps teams make informed decisions about what to build next by considering user impact and business value. With User Feedback and Bug Tracking, teams can collect, manage, and respond to user feedback, ensuring a customer-centric approach to development.

【Pricing Plans】
Productboard offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different needs. The Starter plan is ideal for small teams and includes basic product management features. The Team plan provides additional customization and collaboration options for growing teams. The Enterprise plan offers advanced analytics, integrations, and security features for large organizations.

【Common Use Cases】
Productboard is used across industries for various purposes. During the Discovery phase, teams can collect and prioritize user feedback to identify pain points and opportunities. Roadmapping and Planning tools help create and communicate product strategies to align teams. Feature Prioritization ensures that resources are allocated to high-impact features. Collaboration features facilitate communication between cross-functional teams, improving efficiency and decision-making.