Integration description

We do not collect any account information.
Through the external storage integration feature of Money Forward Admina, we retrieve file information (file names and links) and send alert notifications to support the improvement of unintended external sharing of files.

Product description

OneDrive, powered by Microsoft, offers a versatile and secure cloud storage solution that allows you to store, access, and share your files from virtually anywhere. With its array of features, OneDrive enhances collaboration, boosts productivity, and ensures your data is always within reach.

【Features and Details】
OneDrive comes equipped with a range of features designed to simplify your file management experience. File Storage and Syncing enables you to save and sync files across devices, ensuring your latest documents are accessible at all times. File Sharing and Collaboration lets you share files with colleagues and collaborate in real-time.

Mobile Apps extend OneDrive's functionality to your mobile devices, enabling you to access, edit, and share files on the go. Version History allows you to recover previous versions of documents, safeguarding against accidental changes or deletions. With Offline Access, you can work on your files even without an internet connection.

【Pricing Plans】
OneDrive offers various pricing plans tailored to individual users and businesses. The Personal plan provides storage for personal files and photos. The Family plan extends storage and sharing capabilities to multiple family members. For businesses, the Business Standard plan offers secure file storage and sharing, while the Business Premium plan adds advanced security features and Microsoft 365 integration.

【Common Use Cases】
OneDrive is widely used for both personal and professional purposes. Document Collaboration becomes seamless as multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously. Photo Backup and Sharing ensures your precious memories are safe and easily shared. Remote Work scenarios benefit from accessing files and collaborating online.