Google Analytics

Data Management

Integration description

Through integration, the following user data existing in Google Analytics is synced to Admina:

  • Email address

  • Employee or external account

  • Google Analytics permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function will be triggered if there is an account of a retired employee on Google Analytics.

You can create or delete an account for the Google Analytics

  • Delete account

Product description

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing website and app traffic data. This web-based platform is widely used to evaluate website performance and provide insights for improvement.

【Features and Details】

Google Analytics offers a range of features. First, by installing the tracking code, you can collect traffic data for your website or app. This allows you to track metrics such as the number of visitors, page views, and session duration.

Next, Google Analytics allows you to create custom dashboards to visualize important data. This enables you to monitor key metrics relevant to your business and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, Google Analytics provides detailed reports to understand traffic sources and user behavior. This helps you gain insights into which channels are driving the most traffic and which pages are popular.

【Pricing Plans】

Google Analytics offers two pricing plans: the free basic plan and the premium plan called Google Analytics 360, which provides access to more advanced features. While the basic plan offers many functionalities, it may involve data sampling. On the other hand, Google Analytics 360 provides advanced features such as advanced segmentation, custom funnels, and long-range data.

【Common Use Cases】

Google Analytics is used in various scenarios. For example, it is used to evaluate website performance and assess the effectiveness of content. By understanding which pages are popular and how users navigate the site, you can strategize for improvements.

Additionally, Google Analytics is valuable for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. By tracking traffic sources, conversions, and engagement metrics, you can evaluate the impact of your campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

In conclusion, Google Analytics is a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to gather and analyze data, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions for improving their online presence and performance.