Integration description

Through integration, the following user data from DeepL is synchronized with Admina:

  • Usernames

  • Email addresses

  • Employee or external account status

  • DeepL permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function will be triggered if there is an account of a retired employee on DeepL.

Product description

DeepL is an AI-powered translation platform that offers advanced machine translation technology. Leveraging natural language processing and deep learning, DeepL achieves high-quality and accurate translations. It supports translation across various languages and provides flexible solutions tailored to business and personal needs.

【Features and Details】
DeepL offers features such as text translation, document translation, and an API. The text translation feature translates individual phrases or sentences, providing high-quality translation results. The document translation feature translates document formats such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel while preserving the layout. Through the API, developers can integrate translation capabilities into their own applications. These features allow DeepL to cater to a variety of translation needs, providing efficient and high-quality translation experiences.

【Pricing Plans】
DeepL offers a basic free plan as well as paid plans. The free plan comes with certain limitations, while the paid plans offer relaxed restrictions and additional features such as faster translations. The pricing of the paid plans is based on usage. Detailed pricing information can be found on the DeepL official website.

【Common Use Cases】
DeepL has various use cases. Common use cases include the following: translating business documents and emails, multilingualization of websites and applications, and translating foreign language texts for learning or research purposes. Additionally, by using the API, automatic translation functionality can be integrated into existing applications. In addition to these common use cases, DeepL is utilized in diverse industries and fields, contributing to the efficiency and quality improvement of translations.

DeepL is an AI-powered translation platform that provides high-quality machine translation.