Integration description

Through integration, the following user data from Contentful is synchronized with Admina:

  • Usernames

  • Email addresses

  • Employee or external account status

  • Contentful permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function is triggered if a user account marked as "retired" is detected in Contentful.

Product description

Contentful is a headless content management system (CMS) that simplifies the creation, management, and delivery of digital content for websites, mobile apps, and more. With its flexible and extensible platform, Contentful enables collaboration between developers and content editors, allowing for efficient content workflows. It adopts an API-first approach, allowing content to be delivered across different channels and devices.

【Features and Details】
Contentful offers features such as content modeling, content creation, content management, digital asset management, and multilingual support. The content modeling feature allows users to create flexible data models and define different content types. The content creation feature provides an intuitive editor for creating and editing content. The content management feature enables version control, access control, and workflow management. The digital asset management feature allows efficient management of images, videos, and other digital assets. The multilingual support feature facilitates content creation and translation in different languages. These features empower developers and content editors to collaborate and manage content to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

【Pricing Plans】
Contentful offers a free plan for individual use and paid plans for businesses. The free plan provides basic functionalities, while the paid plans offer additional features, support, and scalability. Business plans are priced based on usage and required features. Detailed pricing information can be found on the Contentful official website.

【Common Use Cases】
Contentful has various use cases. Common use cases include the following: web developers can use Contentful to manage content for websites and mobile apps, enabling flexible content delivery. Content editors can create, edit, and publish content using Contentful's editor. Marketing teams can improve content workflows and deliver consistent content across different channels. Additionally, Contentful can be applied to various scenarios, such as catalog management for e-commerce sites and API-driven content delivery.

Contentful empowers efficient management and delivery of digital content as a flexible and extensible headless CMS.