Integration description

Through integration, the following data of users existing in Cisco Meraki will be synced with Admina:

  • User name

  • Email address

  • Employee or external account

  • Cisco Meraki permissions (roles)

  • Status

Additionally, an alert function is triggered if a user account marked as "retired" is detected in on Cisco Meraki.

You can create or delete an account for the Service name

  • Delete account

  • Create account

Product description

Cisco Meraki is an integrated platform for networking and cloud management. Through its cloud-based management interface, it enables configuration, monitoring, and security management of networks. Cisco Meraki offers easy setup and use, as well as scalability, making it suitable for networks of various sizes.

【Features and Details】
Cisco Meraki features include device management, network monitoring, security functionality, and guest access management. The device management feature allows centralized management of devices such as routers, switches, and access points. The network monitoring feature enables real-time monitoring of network performance and usage. The security functionality helps with configuring security policies like firewalls and VPNs, as well as threat detection. Additionally, the guest access management feature allows control of guest user access and management of guest networks. These features streamline network configuration and management, enhancing security.

【Pricing Plans】
Cisco Meraki offers different license models for each network device. Device licenses include basic and advanced features, with different functionalities and limitations based on the license. Detailed pricing plans can be found on the Cisco Meraki official website.

【Common Use Cases】
Cisco Meraki has various use cases. Common use cases include the following: in businesses, it is used to manage and secure networks in office spaces or retail stores. In schools and universities, it manages network environments across campuses, providing a secure network access environment for students and faculty. In hotels and event venues, it handles guest user access management and monitors network performance, ensuring a comfortable network environment. In addition to these common use cases, Cisco Meraki offers flexibility to cater to various industries and applications.

Cisco Meraki is an excellent solution for simplifying and streamlining networking and cloud management.